What Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Know

New Buffini Item of Value.  The information below will help you communicate advice to your first-time buyers:

Buying a home is one of the largest financial commitments a person can make in his or her lifetime. It’s especially critical for first-time buyers to make informed decisions about the investment that they are about to make. 

These tips will help make the process easier. 

Define your wants versus your needs.
Making a list of wants and needs before beginning the search for a home can make the entire process less overwhelming. 

Get pre-approved for a mortgage
It is critical that a buyer be pre-approved for a mortgage before going too far in the home-buying process. This enables the buyer to make a very appealing offer to the seller and increases the buyer’s chances of having his or her offer accepted. 

Investigate the neighborhood.
Where are the schools? How far is the nearest hospital or grocery store? Is commercial garbage collection available, or do homeowners dispose of their own trash? These are basic yet important questions that some first-timers may not think of until after closing on a property. 

Insist on a home inspection.
Atten property inspections.  Be aware of environmental concerns and ask questions.

Get help with the details.
Coordinating these and the many details of a move can be overwhelming for even the most experienced homebuyer. I can help guide you through the process and even coordinate related services.


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