Our People Make the Difference

One of the missions of our company is to constantly reiterate to customers that we remain strong in all of our markets and that we continue to help people to achieve their dreams of home ownership. 

We are pleased to announce that, we have begun a six-week TV campaign on WGAL-TV highlighting the quality of our team

For this campaign, we chose WGAL as our partner because they cover the most similar footprint as our company and are currently #1 or #2 most widely viewed in south central PA!  

Instructions for posting these commercials on your social media: 

    1. Choose which video you would like to share and click the corresponding link below:
      –       Homesale Strength
      –       Homesale Dreams
      –       Homesale Complete 
    2. Below the video player, click “Share”.
    3. Click the Facebook Icon and a new window will open
    4. If you aren’t logged in, you will need to login to you facebook account
    5. To share the video on your fanpage, click the drop down arrow next to “On your own wall” and select “On your page”
    6. Where it says “Write Something” type in a tagline to market the video to your clients (ie. Find Your Dream Home with our Homesale Family)
    7. Click “Share Link” and it will post the video link on your Facebook FanPage

Prudential Homesale Partners with WGAL as Exclusive Real Estate Content Provider

An Update from Doug Rebert, Managing Director:

Dear Team Members: 

In the next few weeks, there will be a public announcement that the Prudential Homesale family has become the exclusive real estate content provider for WGAL.com.  By this move, we will have replaced Realtor.com as the content provider. 

WGAL.com is the most widely used regional website in south central PA.  Each year, the site receives 4,749,179 visits with 28,237,773 page views.  There is no other television station, newspaper, organization or company website that comes close to attracting this much traffic.   

We expect to go live by the end of September.  Once live, when someone fills out their criteria on the Prudential Homesale-branded search page, WGAL.com will automatically forward the customer to PrudentialHomesale.com. 

When searching via WGAL.com, homebuyers will have the benefit of seeing all available inventory in south central PA.  Our homesellers will benefit by having even more exposure for their listings. 

WGAL has promised to give us web traffic reports so we can tell you how well this campaign is working in your backyard. 

My compliments to our Agent Services and IT Departments, who are working steadfastly to get this new tool up and running as soon as possible.   

Kudos to our Managers and Corporate staff for continually searching out new lead sources so you can continue to grow your business. 

Stay tuned.