January Item of Value

This month’s item of value focuses on winter landscaping steps you can take to prepare for spring. This would be a great article to share with anyone thinking about selling their home this spring. Share, email, or mail this to your sphere and remind them that you are here for any questions they may have.

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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell a Home

Social Media can be used as a great tool to help sell homes. Whether by sharing listings, news, tips, or advice with your communities and prospective buyers or sellers, Social Media can help achieve real results. The amount of exposure that can be gained from employing the proper Social Media methods can pay off. The article below is a great success story, which if employed correctly may help you as well:

“When was the last time you sold a house for $135,000 above the asking price? An Australian man recently made headlines by doing just that: selling his home on Twitter.

With the help of digital marketer John Newell and real estate agent Hocking Stewart, Kurt Oprey was able to sell his home in Northcote, a Melbourne suburb, for $135,000 above the asking price by employing social media in the six weeks leading up to its auction. Though his strategy was a bit more complicated than the headlines suggest, it’s definitely simple enough for anyone with basic social media competence to employ and illustrates the future of real estate marketing in action. Here are six lessons “the Northcote house” can teach you about using social media to sell a home.”

1. Start by targeting specific keywords.

2. Create a microsite on WordPress.

3. Build campaigns for every major medium and service.

4. Collaborate to make it personal.

5. Share and Share Often.

6. Don’t do this alone.

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