Working with an agent can reduce stress for buyers and sellers


As the spring buying season arrives, real estate professionals often find the demands on their time and attention pulling them in a number of different directions. However, staying focused on the task at hand – that is to say, facilitating real estate sales – is not only vital for their business, but also for helping buyers and sellers through what can sometimes be a stressful process.

There are a number of worries that can arise during the sales process, no matter which side of it they happen to be on. Consequently, agents would be wise to prepare their clients for any number of eventualities that might arise.

How to help sellers
One of the biggest aspects of the sales process that can be problematic for sellers – is pricing a home, according to Excel Real Estate Experts. Agents typically have plenty of experience with pricing in the marketplace, while most homeowners understandably do not. Therefore, agents would do well to take the time to explain how they have valued a home and why, not only setting a price point but also talking about the impact that outside issues can have a property’s price.

It might also be wise to set both a realistic aspirational price, and a fallback position that will still allow homeowners to come out ahead. Those who don’t have much experience selling a property may not know everything that goes into asking prices, but experienced agents who can assuage their concerns and help them to better understand the ins and outs of proper pricing are most likely to have success and reduce their selling clients’ stress levels.

How to help buyers
The good news for sellers is that demand for properties in many markets is so high that some homes may appear to sell themselves. On the flip side of that, is that buying clients will likely have to face bidding wars for the properties they want, according to Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group. However, agents can help to reduce stress for these shoppers as well, by carefully explaining how the process typically proceeds and what they can do to best prepare themselves for each step of the way.

The first aspect of preparation for buyers is to understand the maximum amount they will be able to pay, and agents along with a trusted mortgage professional, may be able to help them get a better understanding of what affordability means for them. Agents should probably also keep in mind that while the sales process is old hat for them, it’s not always the case for many buyers and sellers. As such, a little empathy and a good amount of advice can go a long way for all involved.

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Fall can be a great season for Real Estate Sales


School is back in session nationwide, and that occasion is typically seen as the unofficial start of autumn. For real estate professionals, that might come as a stark contrast, because the summer buying season usually keeps them busy. However, recent analysis shows that fall might actually be the best time for many bargain-hunters to hit the market, because home prices tend to get more affordable around this time of year.

Just last autumn, an examination of home sales over a 15-year period starting in 2000 found October was typically the month in which buyers got the biggest discounts on asking prices, according to the industry data firm RealtyTrac. The average discount shoppers found October was about 2.6 percent below asking, outstripping the savings seen in winter months like December, January, and February.

The analysis even narrowed things down to the best day to buy: Oct. 8. On that day, the average buyer from 2000 to 2015 enjoyed a discount of 10.8 percent. That date came in ahead of Nov. 26, New Year’s Eve, Oct. 22 and Oct. 15, all of which saw average discounts of at least 9.1 percent.

What’s the big savings driver?
So the question many agents or brokers may have is, “Why do prices drop at this time of year?” Industry experts say there can be any number of factors involved, depending on where people live, how hot the market had been previously, and so on. All of these issues have a big impact on the number of and savings granted by real estate sales, so it’s important for brokers or agency owners to encourage their agents to stay active at this time of year.

October can be a prime buying season because the amount of daylight dwindles, but days are still relatively long for much of the month. In addition, the weather in most parts of the country cools, but not enough to deter people from showing up to an open house. Interestingly, warmer climates like the Southeast or Southwest, which tend to see a lot of “snowbirds” from northern states, sometimes see increased buying activity in the fall as people look to lock in deals so they can move before another winter begins.

Why should buyers act soon?
One of the biggest considerations here is that when people keep their homes on the market in the fall, sellers get more motivated, according to Trulia. Typically, they don’t want to deal with the dearth of shoppers that comes during and after the holiday season and may be a little more flexible when it comes to issues even beyond the sales price. For example, they might be more accommodating when letting buyers choose their move-in dates.

Industry experts also note those who buy nearer to the end of the year also get the benefit of shopping for new homes while holiday sales are going on. That can help them save a bit of money after they move in as well. Consequently, the more agents can do to highlight all the benefits of shopping throughout the fall, the better off both they and their clients are likely to be when it comes to finding the right home at the right price.

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Marketing and Tech Report 2013 Q4

Prudential Homesale values its’ Realtors and wants nothing but the best for you. To promote your success, we make sure to provide growth in our online presence and help you reach more consumers with our full service agent resources. We want our agents to be aware of mobile technology and its relation to the real estate industry. With that in mind, Prudential Homesale’s full-time Agent Services and IT Team can identify, diagnose, and fix any issues that our Homesale agents may face. We are constantly expanding efforts to supply our Homesale agents with sufficient and reliable information in order to succeed.

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