August 2019 Market & Tech

July’s Marketing & Tech Stat focuses on buyer statistics when it comes to utilizing video in their home search. This would be good information to share with your sellers and potential clients to show that at Homesale, we make sure to provide our sellers with the marketing they need to stay ahead of the competition and reach more buyers. Share, email, or mail this to your sphere and remind them that you are here for any questions they may have.

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Videolicious Offers New Features for Real Estate Agents

By now, you may have heard about the digital business tool Videolicious. This convenient platform provides users with the ability to quickly and efficiently create quality videos that not only help grow their business, but also connect them with their customers.

To the benefit of real estate agents, this tool now offers the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices “Luxury Collection” mark. This mark is an easy way of letting customers know that the property at hand is recognized as a luxury collection property.

What about if you’re interested in adding your video to a listing in the MLS, but need to remove all of its branding? This tool can help you with that in just a few basic steps. Plus, it even offers an on-screen teleprompter to assist with scripted recordings.

Watch this video to learn how to utilize these simple, yet useful tools:


Who doesn’t love a good movie??

Now you can actually make your own movies with just a few simple clicks and edits. Yes, there is an “app for that”.

What better way to impress your clients than by giving them the gift of a short film documenting a very special moment; the purchase of their dream home. Another great use is to create virtual tours of your listings; a fabulous way to impress sellers and market their home!

Ptch is an app from DreamWorks that can take your everyday photos and video clips from your iPhone and make them into a short, memorable “moving story”. Best part…it is so simple to use…and it’s a FREE app!

Here is how it works….


  Pick your pics – You can use photos and/or videos in your phone gallery, from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media or format you have access to from your iPhone. Choose your media in the sequence you desire.

  Select a soundtrack – There is a strong list of music available through the app to accompany your video.

  Captions – Create a title and captions to enhance the moments you have selected for your film.

  Yes, it really is that easy!! The drag and drop interface is effortless to use. In just minutes, you will create a movie experience everyone is sure to love and remember.

Another great feature is the ability to share your creation! You can share your story through email or a text to one person, or reach many by posting it on Facebook and Twitter. Your clients can share it too with their family and friends; enabling you to get in front of their friends and reach even more viewers. These videos would be a great addition to your testimonials page on your Agent Website.

Imagine how impressed everyone will be with your tech savvy skills!

Click the link below to view a sample video

New Swivl Camera Feature for Video Tours

Great tool for Homesale Realtors!  A base you can use with your phone to video as you explain the features of the home and it follows you as you move.  This could be awesome for Virtual Open Houses and will enhance any website, blog, single listing site or email.  And to top it all off what a great listing tool!