August 2019 Market & Tech

July’s Marketing & Tech Stat focuses on buyer statistics when it comes to utilizing video in their home search. This would be good information to share with your sellers and potential clients to show that at Homesale, we make sure to provide our sellers with the marketing they need to stay ahead of the competition and reach more buyers. Share, email, or mail this to your sphere and remind them that you are here for any questions they may have.

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Virtual reality keeps making an impression

vr pic

Emerging technology is always going to be attractive to younger buyers. And given the power millennials now wield in the housing market, it should come as no surprise that real estate professionals are investing in the latest high-tech tools. With this in mind, it’s time for agents to start thinking about whether using advanced video options in their sales efforts will help them find a foothold with younger shoppers, especially with the new buying season now underway.

Recent data suggests that as many as 2 in 5 buyers today will use at least some kind of video tour to make a decision about a home purchase, and homes with video as part of their listings tend to be far more popular than those that leave video out, according to Real Estate Tech News. Consequently, it’s time for agents to decide whether their clientele would prefer this kind of technology be included, or whether they want to take an additional step to really stand out from the crowd.

Going with VR
While it’s unlikely that clients are going to want to skip real-world open houses altogether – at least not any time soon – using virtual reality video that guides would-be buyers through a property before they ever visit it in person can be a good way for agents to help people get a real feel for a property. And surprisingly, the equipment and software needed to properly engineer those virtual tours isn’t that expensive, especially when considering the potential return on investment.

Here, too, recent polls suggest that virtual tours tend to be a little more popular with would-be buyers than standard video, at least when it’s presented as an option. Moreover, there’s an added benefit in that agents can record multiple homes they’ve listed and potential buyers can take multiple virtual tours in just one office visit. That, in turn, helps them get a feel for which listed properties they might like to visit for a real-world tour, saving time for all involved.

What’s needed?
To the earlier point about equipment investments, all agents will likely have to do is buy a camera capable of recording in 360 degrees, which typically cost a few hundred dollars, and have a smartphone and headset handy, according to The Los Angeles Times. And despite that small investment, this kind of capability can really stand out for buyers who may be wowed by an option relatively few agents make available at this time.

“It is so helpful to buyers,” San Diego-based real estate agent Jason Cassity told the newspaper. “You could have someone sitting in Boise walk through your house, and it just does so much more than the photos can. It gives them a sense of how the layout feels.”

In general, using the latest technology can be a definitive way to stand out from crowd during the busy buying season. Embracing the latest technology as it emerges is often a good way to meet that goal.

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Marketing and Tech Report 2013 Q4

Prudential Homesale values its’ Realtors and wants nothing but the best for you. To promote your success, we make sure to provide growth in our online presence and help you reach more consumers with our full service agent resources. We want our agents to be aware of mobile technology and its relation to the real estate industry. With that in mind, Prudential Homesale’s full-time Agent Services and IT Team can identify, diagnose, and fix any issues that our Homesale agents may face. We are constantly expanding efforts to supply our Homesale agents with sufficient and reliable information in order to succeed.

Check out our 2013 4th Quarter Marketing & Technology Report below!
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Online Seller Advantage: UPDATE

OSA has made a few updates that we are excited to share with you. If you are looking for information on the benefits of OSA, as well as, training materials, please go to Center Tab-Online Seller Advantage.
Import Your Database

  • This feature allows you to import an excel spreadsheet or csv file containing your clients email addresses. Simply put, if you can export your contacts from your current contact management system to an Excel spreadsheet, you can import them to the OSA® system. Click here for the steps on importing contacts into OSA

New Map Feature – Map Search

  • Prior to this new feature, competitive listings were pulled into the report based on the location of your client’s home and a specified radius. A Map Search option is now available; click on the map to draw a specific area. This is a great way to leave out a particular location or to include an area that might not fall within the Radius parameters (.5 miles,1 miles, etc). This feature evens allows the map to be displayed in Google Satellite view to gain a better perspective of the area.OSA-New-Map_Feature

Remember that OSA is a great tool to use for:

  • Prospective Sellers
  • Current Sellers
  • For Sale By Owners
  • Relocation Clients
  • Family/Friends
  • Your Neighbors
  • Open House Visitors
  • Yourself, so you know what everyone else is receiving


Tip: Want to add more than one person to an enhanced listing through OSA? Once it is setup, go back to the listing on OSA and click the Add Seller Email.



Running Late for a Meeting? Let Your iPhone App do the Texting!

Twist is an iPhone app that will text pre-determined contacts and let them know that you’re running late. This allows you to let your clients and co-workers know when you will arrive while letting you focus on driving and staying alert. When estimating your arrival time, Twist takes traffic, transportation type, and your habits into consideration. Watch the video below to learn how Twist can help you keep your clients in the loop!

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Is it important to be a Tech Savvy and Social REALTOR®?

After reading a recent article by Inman Next, I knew this was something you needed to read!

Inman profiled the agents earning 100K or more, that responded to their survey.  They concluded that these agents are ahead of the game in both technology and social media.

Here is what they found:
Social Profile of the $100,000+ Realtor

Social Media Participation:
81% Feature Listings or Themselves on YouTube
75% Have a Facebook Business Page
44% Post 1+ times per day
30% have 500+ Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers

Top 10 Lead Sources:
1.    Referrals
2.    Agent Website
3.    Social Media
4.    Listing Signs
5.    Search Engines
6.    Real Estate Sites
7.    Networking Events
8.    Classified Ads
9.    Open Houses
10.  Their Broker

98% Believe the Best Lead Conversion Method Is:
Effective Email Marketing

Social Media is the new “Word of Mouth”!

When marketing online, it is crucial to have a landing place for all of your leads and somewhere to drive all the traffic to.

Don’t know where to start? For help with an Agent Website or Social media contact