New Feature Just For You!

At Homesale Realty, we believe that the quickest way to grow our company is to grow our people. That’s why we continually look to invest in resources that will promote your success with clients. We are excited to announce a new feature that has been added to the Active Listings page on  The new feature displays the total number of inquiries on each of your listings, year to date. It is available to all agents, regardless of whether you have a website with us or not.


How to find this new section:

  1. Go to Homesale Center (
  2. On the left-hand side, click on the Listings tab
  3. Click Active Listings
  4. Lead Requests will be listed on the far-right side

1st image

With this new feature, you can monitor the total number of lead requests each property receives throughout its listing duration. This number can be impactful for price reduction conversations, keeping track of the activity on your listings and when looking at new marketing strategies.

Soon you will see the number of lead requests per listing appear on the Seller Reports as well.


Additionally, we have re-worked the marketing button that appears on the Active Listings info page.

2nd image

With one click of the marketing button, you can send an ecard, print a flyer or set up a Seller Report. This small change can have a huge impact on your marketing strategy with potential buyers.

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Agents can get ahead with an ‘app audit’


Millions of people use a lot of apps in their everyday lives, but real estate professionals might be able to boost their productivity with a careful review of their current options. There are many apps available that can boost users’ efforts to save time and energy, so it’s always a good idea to do a yearly “app-audit” to determine if there are any new apps that offer new efficiencies for business that’s always on the go.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate which apps are being used for real estate-related efforts most often, and how effective they actually are is an ongoing process. For instance, many real estate pros are constantly in need of scanning functionality – and there are plenty of apps – including Scannable – that can scan and automatically crop everything from business cards to receipts, according to Real Estate Tech News.

Increasing efficiency and organization
Likewise, many agents may need scheduling and task management assistance. There are apps that can now automatically, with the help of artificial intelligence, schedule appointments for agents so they don’t conflict with other engagements they’ve already made. Similarly, apps can help create customized lists that help agents check off a number of tasks they need to complete on their way to a larger goal.

Agents can also use apps that help ease the signing process by allowing for eSignatures, build databases, find industry news and more. Often all it takes to unlock these kinds of organizational powers is to carefully evaluate the tasks that need efficiencies, and then do some basic research to see if there’s anything out there that would meet those needs.

What’s the goal?
When trying to find new apps that work for their current and evolving needs, agents need to think about a number of factors, including how to increase personal productivity, ability to communicate with colleagues or clients, and increase engagement with your sphere, according to Fliplet. To that end, it might also be wise to look into apps that can provide information about the local market and the area in general in order to stay on top of the latest developments.

After all, the more you can do to demonstrate a powerful command of local issues – not just related to the real estate aspects of the market – the more likely you’ll engage with would-be buyers and sellers on a deeper level. That, in turn, can not only assist in generating new opportunities that lead to more real estate sales as the buying season gets underway, but also result in strong word of mouth that can help you stand out from your competitors.

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Using Drones to Highlight Property Features

droneMany real estate professionals who keep up with the latest trends in online marketing have probably noticed a lot of videos taken with drones lately. It should come as no surprise these aircraft are growing in popularity because they really can show off attractive properties. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind before agents incorporate drones into their own marketing efforts, including compliance with state and federal regulation.

The right shots taken with these unmanned aircraft can help a property stand out from the crowd, which can increase the likelihood of a real estate sale. But there are some tips and tricks those experienced with this kind of real estate marketing would impart to any new adopters, according to New American Agent

Where to begin
When it comes to using drones to get the perfect real estate listing videos and photos, experts recommend ensuring that adjacent features to the property also add positive interest to the subject property.  In some cases, a drone may show that the neighbors’ yards or other nearby features don’t paint a property in the most attractive light, and for these properties, it might be wise to avoid drone use. But when everything looks good, another potential benefit of aerial footage is the ability to provide perspective that highlights proximity from one home to another, as well as to main thoroughfares, schools, playgrounds, supermarkets and the like.

In addition, drones can be used to create videos that simulate the experience of “coming home” to a property, according to long-time real estate pro Bennat Berger. For instance, flying a drone down a street, up a driveway and to the front door of a home can help viewers feel like they’re the ones pulling up to a property, especially when they use the latest high-resolution cameras. Along similar lines, taking a drone all over a property at a low altitude can also highlight attractive features that might not show up as well with hand-held video cameras or photography.

Dealing with red tape
The Federal Aviation Administration recently changed some rules to allow drones use for real estate marketing, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, hopeful agents must navigate a number of issues first. The most important of those hurdles is agents will have to get a remote pilot’s license specifically for drone use, following completion of a test. After that, agents will have to renew their licenses every two years.

In addition, drones must be used during daylight hours only and cannot go more than 400 feet above a property. Operators will also have to be stationary on the ground during the flight and make sure they’ve carefully inspected the drone before putting it in the air. Further, agents will have to get homeowner permission to operate the drone on their properties.  Outsourcing drone footage may be an easier route, and there are a number of professional drone companies with licensed drone pilots that are available to shoot the aerial footage for real estate listings at a fairly reasonable fee.   As more and more listings with drone footage appear on the MLS, it’s clear that the results from listings with drone footage show a new level of professionalism and certainly help listings stand out from the crowd.

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Online Seller Advantage: UPDATE

OSA has made a few updates that we are excited to share with you. If you are looking for information on the benefits of OSA, as well as, training materials, please go to Center Tab-Online Seller Advantage.
Import Your Database

  • This feature allows you to import an excel spreadsheet or csv file containing your clients email addresses. Simply put, if you can export your contacts from your current contact management system to an Excel spreadsheet, you can import them to the OSA® system. Click here for the steps on importing contacts into OSA

New Map Feature – Map Search

  • Prior to this new feature, competitive listings were pulled into the report based on the location of your client’s home and a specified radius. A Map Search option is now available; click on the map to draw a specific area. This is a great way to leave out a particular location or to include an area that might not fall within the Radius parameters (.5 miles,1 miles, etc). This feature evens allows the map to be displayed in Google Satellite view to gain a better perspective of the area.OSA-New-Map_Feature

Remember that OSA is a great tool to use for:

  • Prospective Sellers
  • Current Sellers
  • For Sale By Owners
  • Relocation Clients
  • Family/Friends
  • Your Neighbors
  • Open House Visitors
  • Yourself, so you know what everyone else is receiving


Tip: Want to add more than one person to an enhanced listing through OSA? Once it is setup, go back to the listing on OSA and click the Add Seller Email.