There’s An App For That

With appointments, meetings, phone calls and personal life, how are you possibly supposed to keep track of it all? Well there may not be one singular app to organize every aspect of your life, but here are a few that can work in harmony to make sure things don’t start falling through the cracks.





This comprehensive note-taking app allows you to attach articles, documents, audio or video files to notes that you took during a meeting or phone call. You can choose from the basic, premium or business version to fit your exact needs. With this app you can create notes, checklists or even put a notebook together for multiple notes, making sure everything you need is in one place.



Google Calendar

If you don’t have a Google account, it might be worth creating one just to reap the benefits of the Google calendar. The calendar can be shared with whomever you choose so everyone who has access can see the schedule for the rest of the group. This can help with avoiding scheduling conflicts and setting up meeting times. You can alter the reminder notification for each event to hours, days or even weeks before the event based on your preference.




With your busy schedule, there might be tasks that you postpone frequently or even forget about. With IFTT, derived from the phrase “If this, then that…,” you can set rules for your media to do things for you. See the example graphic below. You can set a rule to get the weather report every morning at 7 a.m. so you can decide what to wear or you can have Twitter send out every Instagram post as an organic tweet to make social media engagement a breeze. There are thousands of programs you can incorporate in this app to make your life more hands off and less time consuming.


Marketing and Tech Report 2013 Q4

Prudential Homesale values its’ Realtors and wants nothing but the best for you. To promote your success, we make sure to provide growth in our online presence and help you reach more consumers with our full service agent resources. We want our agents to be aware of mobile technology and its relation to the real estate industry. With that in mind, Prudential Homesale’s full-time Agent Services and IT Team can identify, diagnose, and fix any issues that our Homesale agents may face. We are constantly expanding efforts to supply our Homesale agents with sufficient and reliable information in order to succeed.

Check out our 2013 4th Quarter Marketing & Technology Report below!
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Front page of the Marketing and Tech Report 2013 Q4

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Homesale launches a new mobile site

We are excited to announce that today we launched the next generation of our mobile platform. Iphones and Androids will see the brand new platform that was pushed live this morning at 9:45 AM. The new mobile platform boasts intuitive and easy to use searches, Agent Branded versions of the mobile site, full listing detail, photo gallery viewer and lead generation options for the consumer. The ability for the user to save favorite properties is available, as well as access to their Home Finder accounts. Driven by Google maps, the mobile site also features the option for satellite and terrain display that consumers are used to.

Here are some benefits that you can talk with your customers about: 


The change has not happened over night but as the number of mobile devices has been growing, it has been happening right before our eyes.

From Jan-July 2012 Homesale has watched the takeover but has not sat still. During this time the number of mobile visits to has grown to over 20% and 10,400+ of those visits were from our exclusive partnerships with and our company Facebook page.

Homesale is positioned to be the real estate leader in mobile technology by having a comprehensive mobile strategy already underway. An essential part of the strategy was to upgrade our mobile website. Our web vendor, Delta Media Group launched the new site At 9:45 this morning.

This site has everything you need:

• Quick Home Search
• Detailed Real Estate Search
• The Map immediately displays listings in the area
• Open Houses
• Multiple photos
• Clear detailed property information
• Satellite photos
• And more…

Log onto on your smart phone or check out this video.