dotloop Update: Use the Property Address to Link Your Loop When Submitting An Offer

You can now link your Offer Loop to the Listing Loop using the Property Address rather than the MLS#. This makes for a much smoother process since it’s not always top of mind to go back and add the MLS# after the Listing is active in the MLS.

Listing Agent: You still need to create your loop with Listing For Sale as the Transaction Type and Active Listing as the Loop Status.

Selling Agent:
-Step #1 : Click to create a new loop and start typing the property address of the Active Listing. If it pops up as an option from the google maps integration, select it, and click CREATE LOOP. 

*If the property address doesn’t populate, continue typing the address manually, and create the loop.

create loop

-Step #2: Once inside the loop, click VIEW DETAILS and scroll down to the Property Address section. You’ll see a purple bar asking if you would like to link to the Listing Loop; click YES LINK MY LOOP TO THIS LISTING.

link loop

*The property address is already filled in since we selected it from the google maps integration when we created the loop. If this didn’t come up as an option and the loop name was manually entered, fill in the property address on the details page. As you tab through the property address fields, you’ll see the option appear to link to the listing loop.