dotloop Enhancements

Dotloop made some really great enhancements last night that will help with core functionality of the system.

  1. When a client opens up a document to sign, they’ll see a more robust START SIGNING bar flashing.  The client will now be able to click to access Messages, Download/Print if they’d like to read over it prior to signing, or save and close.  I like that they can download and print on this screen in case you didn’t include the pdf attachment or if the pdf was too large to attach.start signing screenshot
  2. After the client clicks start signing and then clicks the first signature/initial field, they get the Adopt Your Signature pop-up.  Sometimes clients couldn’t figure out where to click to change how they want to sign their name (especially if changing from LLC to actual name or for POA situations).  They were often clicking the cursive signature instead of the printed name spot.  Dotloop adjusted this to make it much clearer where clients click to change their name.  They changed it to say Confirm Your Name above where they can type and changed the script (non editable) section to say Signature Preview and Initials Preview.adopt your sig screenshot
  3. Someone who is signing on a touch screen device is now able to pinch to zoom in and out of the document.  If they zoom in, when they are bounced to the next signature/initial spot, it will remain at the same zoom level.
  4. They’ve added some new keyboard shortcuts to save time when dragging and dropping onto a pdf:- To copy fields CMD+SHIFT+C or CTRL+SHIFT+C
    – To paste fields CMD+SHIFT+V or CTRL+SHIFT+V
    – To label fields CMD+SHIFT=L or CTRL+SHIFT+L
    – To save document CMD+SHIFT+S or CTRL+SHIFT+S
  5. They redesigned the toolbar that is visible when a document is opened for editing (much easier to navigate!)doc editor toolbar

    – Expanded menus will no longer be cut off and below the fold
    – The name of the document will be visible in the left corner
    – Underneath the name will be the current document permission (Can Sign, Can Fill & Sign, etc)
    – The toolbar will now have: File, Add, Autofill, More, Save, Share
    – File contains: Print, Download, Split PDF, Rotate, Save as template
    – Add contains: Add signature, add initials, add date, add name, add checkbox, add radio button, add strikethrough
    – More contains: Messages, show tasks, document history, host in person signing, hide hotkeys (hotkeys will be displayed beside the document)


Please let know if you have any questions.

New dotloop Function: Ability to overwrite document fields on multiple documents

Great news, dotloop just released a new function that you will love!

Right now, you create a loop, fill out the details page (this auto fills info to your forms), and then add documents to fill out.  If you need to make a change once you’ve filled out the documents (client name typo, address typo, price change, etc), you need to manually update that field on each form.  Pretty time consuming and not an easy process…

Dotloop just released a way to make changes and then force an overwrite on any/all forms at the same time.  With this new function, you will be able to go back to the details page, make a change, open any/all documents that need updated, click Other Actions-Auto Fill, and then click Overwrite.  This will overwrite any updated fields on all documents that you’ve opened.  Any documents that weren’t opened, will remain unchanged.


Let’s say that you’ve filled out the details page and put 2% as the Sales Commission Rate.  You then opened your documents, filled the rest of them out, and saved them.

Now you need to change that 2% Sales Commission Rate to 1%.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to View Details.  Change the Sales Commission Rate to 1%, click Save, click Back to Loop.  (you could also skip this step and start by opening the documents that you need changes- Step#2)1 percent sales commission
  2. Check the boxes next to all documents that need updated to select them and then click Open (above the documetn folder).  Any documents unopened will remain docs
  3. Go to Other Actions – AutofillOther Actions Auto Fill
  4. On the Autofill pop-up you’ll see that Sales Commission Rate now says 1%, click Auto Fill because we changed it on the details page.  If you skipped that step, you can change it fill pop up for 1 percent
  5. On the Overwrite existing fields pop-up, click OverwriteOverwrite
  6. You’ll now see any/all updated fields highlighted in yellow so you know that they’ve changedupdated field

dotloop Update: Textify Has Launched

dotloop has released the function Textify.  When you create your loop and enter the price into the Details Page, it auto-fills to your forms for you.  Textify then takes the price that fills to your forms and converts it to the written dollar amount so that you no longer need to type it into the next field.  If you bypass the details page and manually type the price onto the form, it will also textify for you.


This is now working on:

Maryland Forms:

Exclusive Right to Sell
Residential Contract of Sale
Residential Dwelling Lease

Pennsylvania Forms:

Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate
Agreement for the Sale of Commerical Real Estate
Standard Agreement for the Sale of a Mobile/Manufactured Home
Standard Agreement for the Sale of New Construction
Standard Agreement for the Sale of Vacant Land

dotloop Update: Use the Property Address to Link Your Loop When Submitting An Offer

You can now link your Offer Loop to the Listing Loop using the Property Address rather than the MLS#. This makes for a much smoother process since it’s not always top of mind to go back and add the MLS# after the Listing is active in the MLS.

Listing Agent: You still need to create your loop with Listing For Sale as the Transaction Type and Active Listing as the Loop Status.

Selling Agent:
-Step #1 : Click to create a new loop and start typing the property address of the Active Listing. If it pops up as an option from the google maps integration, select it, and click CREATE LOOP. 

*If the property address doesn’t populate, continue typing the address manually, and create the loop.

create loop

-Step #2: Once inside the loop, click VIEW DETAILS and scroll down to the Property Address section. You’ll see a purple bar asking if you would like to link to the Listing Loop; click YES LINK MY LOOP TO THIS LISTING.

link loop

*The property address is already filled in since we selected it from the google maps integration when we created the loop. If this didn’t come up as an option and the loop name was manually entered, fill in the property address on the details page. As you tab through the property address fields, you’ll see the option appear to link to the listing loop.