New dotloop Function: Ability to overwrite document fields on multiple documents

Great news, dotloop just released a new function that you will love!

Right now, you create a loop, fill out the details page (this auto fills info to your forms), and then add documents to fill out.  If you need to make a change once you’ve filled out the documents (client name typo, address typo, price change, etc), you need to manually update that field on each form.  Pretty time consuming and not an easy process…

Dotloop just released a way to make changes and then force an overwrite on any/all forms at the same time.  With this new function, you will be able to go back to the details page, make a change, open any/all documents that need updated, click Other Actions-Auto Fill, and then click Overwrite.  This will overwrite any updated fields on all documents that you’ve opened.  Any documents that weren’t opened, will remain unchanged.


Let’s say that you’ve filled out the details page and put 2% as the Sales Commission Rate.  You then opened your documents, filled the rest of them out, and saved them.

Now you need to change that 2% Sales Commission Rate to 1%.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to View Details.  Change the Sales Commission Rate to 1%, click Save, click Back to Loop.  (you could also skip this step and start by opening the documents that you need changes- Step#2)1 percent sales commission
  2. Check the boxes next to all documents that need updated to select them and then click Open (above the documetn folder).  Any documents unopened will remain docs
  3. Go to Other Actions – AutofillOther Actions Auto Fill
  4. On the Autofill pop-up you’ll see that Sales Commission Rate now says 1%, click Auto Fill because we changed it on the details page.  If you skipped that step, you can change it fill pop up for 1 percent
  5. On the Overwrite existing fields pop-up, click OverwriteOverwrite
  6. You’ll now see any/all updated fields highlighted in yellow so you know that they’ve changedupdated field

dotloop Tip: Sending a form as “Can Sign” but having selected fields that can be filled in

Have you ever been leery of sending a form to your client using “Can Fill & Sign” permission (since they’re able to fill in all available fields) when you only needed them to fill out a few fields or check a few boxes?  This would be helpful when having forms such as the Consumer Notice (CNT), Buyer (Tenant) Agency Contract (PAR BAC), MD-Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent, etc signed and filled out electronically.

You are able to send a form with “Can Sign” permission and allow them to fill out specified fields, here’s how:

  1. Assuming that you’ve already: created your loop, filled out the details page, added your clients, and added documents from Templates….Go into your loop and open your document(s)
  2. Click in one of the text boxes that you’d like your client to fill in or on a check box that they need to check.  In the black toolbar at the top, assign the field to your clientassigning field to client
  3. Share your document with “Can Sign” permission.  Since you’ve assigned the field to them, they will be able to fill it out, even though you’re sharing the document with “Can Sign” permission instead of “Can Sign & Fill”can sign

Here is what your client will see:

  1. They’ll get the dotloop email and click VIEW DOCUMENT
  2. Next, they’ll click the flashing bar that says “Start Signing” and be prompted to fill in or check any fields that were assigned to them (along with any they need to sign or initial).
    assigned field
  3. Once finished, they’ll click CONFIRM SIGNING