How to Host a Virtual Open House

How to Host A Virtual Open HouseSpeaking of virtual open houses…how exactly does that work? What’s the best platform to host it on? How do you invite people to watch? No worries! Check out the flyer and video below for a few simple ways to host your own virtual open house.




COVID-19 and Your Sellers

As fears increase over the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the real estate industry is beginning to see hesitation and/or withdrawal from sellers who are concerned about listing their home during a health scare. To help you instill confidence in your sellers and prevent them from dropping out of the market, we have put together a few materials that you can share with them about how they can stay healthy while selling their home.

Use the below materials to print, mail, email or share on social media to help spread awareness about preventative measures to help your sellers stay happy and healthy.

AskHomesale Blog:

Ecard Template: Search “How to Stay Healthy 2020” in the BHHS REsource Center

PDF on Team Homesale:

JPEG on Team Homesale:

February 2020 Item of Value

This month’s item of value focuses on small preparation tips for spring. This would be a great article to share with your current and potential client base as a way to keep in touch and share helpful tips for getting a fresh start. Share, email, or mail this to your sphere and remind them that you are here for any questions they may have.

Click the links below to access the corresponding items:

Item of Value - February 2020

PDF Version: If you have issues viewing the flyer, save it to your computer first.  This can be printed and then mailed with your business card.

JPG Version: – You could use this graphic by saving it to your phone and uploading directly to Instagram and other social media sites.

Click here to easily share this as a blog article on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You’ll be redirected to where you can simply scroll to the bottom of the article and select the social network you want to share it to.

To access an Ecard template for the Item of Value, go to Marketing Resource Center and search for February 2020 Item of Value.

Re-Engage with…AdWizard!

This month, we are focusing on re-engaging with our AdWizard program.

Homesale Realty is the ONLY local real estate company to advertise ALL of our Open Houses and New Listings at no cost to you. Using key demographics on social media, we reach consumers where they spend the majority of their time. The moment your listing is entered into the MLS, the ad creation begins. Within a short amount of time, the listing is visible to thousands of potential home buyers, capturing their attention and driving them right to your listing.

With just a few clicks, this platform also allows you to extend the ad we create for you or customize your own! You can create:

  • Just Listed/Just Sold
  • Open House
  • What’s Your Home Worth?
  • Agent Branding
  • And more!

AdWizard even generates reports that you can take to your seller and includes key information such as:

  • Number of people reached
  • Number of people who clicked for more information


Don’t miss out on this great tool that can help you elevate your business and win more listings!

AdWizard Training Materials:


Training Video:


Every minute of the day…

If you are one of those agents that doesn’t think social media can have an impact on your business, think again! Check out this graphic that charts the outrageous minute-by-minute statistics for a variety of popular social media platforms and lifestyle technologies.