Re-Engage with…Homesale’s Virtual Marketing

This month, we are focusing on re-engaging with our Homesale virtual marketing tools!

These various tools, programs and marketing tactics make it possible for your sellers to achieve their goals, no matter what. Utilize this information to help persuade clients that they can still sell their home by using your expertise and our company’s online presence.

To help you market this advantage to your customers, we have created the following promotional items and training materials:

Video Shown Above – Share on Social Media:


Social Media Graphic (Market & Tech):


AskHomesale Blog Article:


Consumer Ecard:

Search “Homesale Virtual Marketing” in the BHHS REsource Center


Homesale Marketing Flyer:


Virtual Selling Flyer:

Virtual Open Houses

With Zoom as the new go-to favorite for everything, we did some testing and found that it works perfectly for hosting Virtual Open Houses as well. Below are the instructions and materials on how to host your very own virtual open house to keep your listings on track and engage buyers from the comfort of their own home.

Instruction sheets on how to host Virtual Open Houses:

1. Facebook/Instagram Live Instructions –

2. Zoom Pro and Facebook Live Stream Instructions –

3. Basic Zoom Pre-Recorded Facebook Premiere Video Broadcast –

Recordings and materials from 4/17/2020 Virtual Open Houses Webinar:

Webinar Recording –

Webinar Hand-out (Overview of 3 Recommended Options) –

Talk to your clients!

The most IMPORTANT part of being a REALTOR® right now is communicating with your clients. Let them know that you are there for them and have systems in place to help them achieve their real estate goals. Here are just a few communication pieces that explain the processes that we have in place to help people achieve their real estate dreams.

Homesale Virtual Listing PackageVirtual Listing Package

Eblast: Go to Homesale Center > Customers > Eblasts > Search “Virtual Listing Package”

Consumer Ecard: Search “Virtual Listing Package” in the BHHS REsource Center




Homesale Virtual Buying Program (2)Virtual Buying Program

Eblast: Go to Homesale Center > Customers > Eblasts > Search “Virtual Buying Program”

Consumer Ecard: Search “Virtual Buying Program” in the BHHS REsource Center




Virtually Possible GraphicsVirtually Possible

Eblast: Go to Homesale Center > Customers > Eblasts > Search “Virtually Possible”

Ecard: Search “Virtually Possible” in the BHHS REsource Center


Opportunities in This Market

What Agents Can DoRight now, there are an abundance of opportunities to put yourself out there and do some great things for your business. Take a look at these simple suggestions on what you can do right now. Don’t lose focus on your business goals and keep the momentum going!



Playing off of #7, we also have a video that talks about setting up your database for easy access to client information and organized business.


How to Host a Virtual Open House

How to Host A Virtual Open HouseSpeaking of virtual open houses…how exactly does that work? What’s the best platform to host it on? How do you invite people to watch? No worries! Check out the flyer and video below for a few simple ways to host your own virtual open house.