Re-Engage with…Homesale’s Listing Presentations!

This month, we focused on re-engaging with our Homesale Listing Presentations!


Our professional listing presentations offer a great way to persuade your sellers that you have the tools it takes to sell their home and help them achieve their real estate goals! To help you market this advantage to your clients, we’ve created the following items:


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Social Media Graphic (Market & Tech):

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Consumer Ecard:

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Listing Presentation Example:


Homesale Listing Presentation Flyer:

Win More Listings!


What a great Listing rally on Wednesday! Way to go on getting all of those appointments! In order to keep this momentum going we have created additional items for you to use for either follow up or new groups that you want to reach out to:
1. A drip campaign in – this is a series of emails that will go to the recipient, once a week, with messages regarding how now is the time to list, take advantage of the low interest rates and how we are receiving multiple offers on homes.
  • To access log onto, click customers, click campaigns&action plans, scroll down to “seller- listing rally”, click customers/groups, add the group or individuals who you want to receive the emails.
2. A “snail mail” postcard series
  • To access, log onto your Xpress docs account where you can upload a list of customers and addresses OR contact our virtual assistant ( and she can send it for you.

Use these tools to finish 2020 strong!

NEW Video Advertising Opportunity in Homesale Digital Magazines

In today’s world, digital marketing is so important and video is topping the charts as the best way to grab someone’s attention. You’ve all probably heard about the advertising opportunities available to you in the Homesale monthly digital magazines and NOW, we have created one more. There is ONE open spot for a video ad in each monthly edition of the magazine that can be used for property tour video or any kind of property promotional video. Contact to reserve your spot today!

See an example of this video promotion on the inside cover of the magazine found here:

View the video specs and terms here:

Re-Engage with…Homesale’s Virtual Marketing

This month, we are focusing on re-engaging with our Homesale virtual marketing tools!

These various tools, programs and marketing tactics make it possible for your sellers to achieve their goals, no matter what. Utilize this information to help persuade clients that they can still sell their home by using your expertise and our company’s online presence.

To help you market this advantage to your customers, we have created the following promotional items and training materials:

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Homesale Marketing Flyer:


Virtual Selling Flyer:

Virtual Open Houses

With Zoom as the new go-to favorite for everything, we did some testing and found that it works perfectly for hosting Virtual Open Houses as well. Below are the instructions and materials on how to host your very own virtual open house to keep your listings on track and engage buyers from the comfort of their own home.

Instruction sheets on how to host Virtual Open Houses:

1. Facebook/Instagram Live Instructions –

2. Zoom Pro and Facebook Live Stream Instructions –

3. Basic Zoom Pre-Recorded Facebook Premiere Video Broadcast –

Recordings and materials from 4/17/2020 Virtual Open Houses Webinar:

Webinar Recording –

Webinar Hand-out (Overview of 3 Recommended Options) –