Simple Steps to Take a Headshot

A professional headshot is one of the most telling ways to present yourself and it should accurately portray the image you are going for. In today’s world, when technology is right at everyone’s fingertips, there is no excuse not to have a professional headshot, even if you don’t want to invest in a professional photographer. Here’s how you do it:


You want to look your best. Wear solid-color clothing without patterns because they are busy and distract from your face. Darker colors are best and put the attention on your face and eyes. For ladies, makeup should be natural looking, hair should be neat and you should avoid large jewelry.


If taking photos indoors, set yourself up next to a window and turn off any lights in the room so that you have as much natural light as possible. Pick a time when the sun isn’t blasting right into the room, but has nice non-direct light. Pick a nice solid-colored wall as your background.


Use your camera’s self-timer to get your photo or else ask a friend to take the photo. The benefit of using the self-timer is that you can take all the time you need to get just the photo you are looking for. Do NOT take a selfie for a professional photo.

Ideally, headshots should be updated every two years, so that if your appearance changes, people recognize you when meeting you after only seeing your photo. So, get out there and update your headshot. If you need help, contact your Virtual Assistant at and she can set up an appointment with you today!