COVID-19 and Your Buyers

As fears increase over the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the real estate industry is beginning to see hesitation and/or withdrawal from buyers who are concerned about viewing homes and interacting with a variety of people during a health scare. To help you instill confidence in your buyers and prevent them from dropping out of the market, we have put together a few materials that you can share with them about how they can stay healthy while buying a home.

Use the below materials to print, mail, email or share on social media to help spread awareness about preventative measures to help your buyers stay happy and healthy.

AskHomesale Blog:

Ecard Template: Search “How to Stay Healthy 2020 – Buyers” in the BHHS REsource Center

PDF on Team Homesale:

JPEG on Team Homesale:

Eblast: In your Homesale Center, go to Customers, Email Blasts and search “How to Stay Healthy”

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