Ad Master – Pros & Cons to Changing Videos

PROs: Here are a few reasons you might want to recreate your video:

1. You have added new images that you want in the video.

– Note: All images currently in your image file will appear in your video.

2. You have changed the order of your images.

– Note: All images appearing in your video reflect the current sort order of your listing  images.

3. You want to change the music.

– Note: Video music is applied based on your current VisTour music choice.

4. You have changed the basic parameters (beds/baths/etc.) in the profile block embedded in the video.


CONs: Here are a few reasons you might NOT want to change your video:

1. YouTube makes no connection from the previous video to the new video and all information from the previous video will be lost.

2. You lose your previous view count; the view count will start at zero on the new video.

– Tip: Keep a record of your old video view counts because the old video will no longer be accessible.

3. You void any previous links you’ve sent to the video.


Now that you have considered both sides to changing your video, click here for instructions on how to do so.

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