Facebook Live


Facebook Live is a video streaming service provided by Facebook that was rolled out to the masses in April of 2016. This tool can be a great asset for increasing your social media presence. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Facebook Live into your everyday marketing plans.

Open Houses

Before the in-person open house, whether it’s a few days or a few hours beforehand, take some time to create a virtual open house event on Facebook. During the event, do a video walk-through of the house and talk about the different features and important information. Start outside and work your way inside, just like a buyer would. Make sure you feature the entire house and point out the property’s best qualities. At the end of the video, tell the viewers the date and time of the physical open house and invite them to come talk to you or see it in person.

Sneak Peaks

Have you been contracted to sell a house that hasn’t been listed or marketed yet? This is a great chance to do a sneak peak live video. Choose one interesting detail of the house and create a live video about it, teasing viewers about the next amazing property that is about to come on the market. Consumers feel special when they believe they are the first ones to know new information so this entices them to share the insight with friends.


As a REALTOR®, you probably get the same questions frequently in your dealings with clients. One thing you can do to address these common inquiries is to do a live Q&A session with Facebook Live. During a Facebook Live session, people can comment in real time with questions and then you can answer them. Start the video with a list of predetermined questions that you’ve been asked previously. Soon the questions should be rolling in and you can respond during the session as they are asked.

For instructions and tips on how to use Facebook Live, you can visit the following sites:

How to Use Facebook Live – HubSpot

Go Live on Facebook – live.fb

Tips for Using Facebook Live – Facebook

Here’s How to Go Live… – DigitalTrends

What’s in a Name?


Sometimes one of the best parts of being active on social media is creating your online profile. You get to choose a great photo, come up with a catchy username and write an interesting bio about yourself. But, as a professional looking to engage with clients, there are a few things you should consider.

In a recent blog, we discussed the importance of using multiple social media outlets to market to your audience. In order to do that effectively, you need to keep your profile consistent and recognizable. Keep the same username, profile photo and bio for each platform. That way, clients will recognize you and be more likely to follow.

Username: Try to keep your username simple. It will be hard for clients to find you if they are searching for John Doe, but your username is ILovePizza72. It’s best to stick to basics and have your username be your first and last name. This includes refraining from using your middle name. It’s a popular trend to use your first and middle name for your profile, but your clients don’t know your middle name – they know your first and last. You can even go as far as adding a career designation to your profile. For example, instead of just @JohnDoe, you could make it @JohnDoe_REALTOR® or @JDoe_Homesale. Clients won’t want to spend a lot of time searching for you so the simpler you can make it for them to find you the better.

Photo: As a professional looking to engage with clients, the best photo you could use is an up-to-date photo of just you. It could be a professionally taken photo, a selfie or one that someone else took of you. As long as it is recent and clearly you, it doesn’t matter who took it. If you really want your profile photo to be you and your spouse or you and your kids, that’s fine. The bottom line is that you should be in the photo and clearly visible. You want to make sure that your clients can tell it’s your profile at a glance.

Bio: Online profile bios can be as short or as long as the character limit allows. The two most important things you should include in your bio is your occupation and your area of service. For example, the bio for John Doe could be something like this:

REALTOR® – Hanover, PA – Pizza Lover – Dad – Go EAGLES!

Final Tips: Make sure whenever you update one profile, you update them all. Another thing you can consider if you want more freedom to personalize your online profile, is to set up two different accounts; one personal and one professional. You can make your personal one any username, photo and bio you want while still keeping the professional one to interact with clients. The choice is yours!

August Market & Tech Stat

August’s Marketing & Tech Stat focuses on the demographics of home buyers. This would be good information to share with sellers who are interested in finding out who is dominating the current buyers market. Share, email, or mail this to your sphere and remind them that you are here for any questions they may have.

Click the links below to access the corresponding items:

Aug 2018 Market & Tech-01-01.jpg

PDF Version: If you have issues viewing the flyer, save it to your computer first. This can be printed and then mailed with your business card.

JPG Version: You could use this graphic by saving it to your phone and uploading directly to Instagram and other social media sites.

Click here to easily share this as a blog article on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You’ll be redirected to AskHomesale.com where you can simply scroll to the bottom of the article and select the social network you want to share it to.

You can also access the ecard template on the Market REsource by selecting ecards and searching for “Market & Tech – August”.

Ad Master – Pros & Cons to Changing Videos

PROs: Here are a few reasons you might want to recreate your video:

1. You have added new images that you want in the video.

– Note: All images currently in your image file will appear in your video.

2. You have changed the order of your images.

– Note: All images appearing in your video reflect the current sort order of your listing  images.

3. You want to change the music.

– Note: Video music is applied based on your current VisTour music choice.

4. You have changed the basic parameters (beds/baths/etc.) in the profile block embedded in the video.


CONs: Here are a few reasons you might NOT want to change your video:

1. YouTube makes no connection from the previous video to the new video and all information from the previous video will be lost.

2. You lose your previous view count; the view count will start at zero on the new video.

– Tip: Keep a record of your old video view counts because the old video will no longer be accessible.

3. You void any previous links you’ve sent to the video.


Now that you have considered both sides to changing your video, click here for instructions on how to do so.

Ad Master – How to Change a Video

If you update your listing photos in the MLS, this update will automatically feed through to sites like your agent website, Homesale.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc. However, the YouTube video does not. In order for you to update the YouTube video, you need to log into your Admaster account at https://admaster.databasedads.com, and complete the following steps:

1. Click on Inventory in the navigation menu bar, and select View Inventory



2. Locate the listing and click on Online Tools



3. Scroll down to the Video section and put a check mark in the box next to Create a New Video. NOTE: It may take up to 12 hours for the new video to become available, and this process cannot be reversed. Lastly, since the new video will replace the old video – the previous view count will be lost; the view count will start at zero on the new video.



Before changing your video, click here to see the pros and cons to this process.

#LoveHomesale – Agent Video Contest

In an effort to spread the news about how beloved our company is, we are challenging you to #LoveHomesale. This video campaign is simple and gives you a chance to win prizes!

 What you could win:

Each Best of Office Video wins a branded cooler bag

Each Top Regional Video wins a $100 gift card

Top Company Video wins a 2019 BHHS Convention Registration (valued at $569) and $200 credit towards Virtual assistant

 How to enter:

1. Create a Videolicious video about why you love Homesale

2. Post it on your Facebook or Instagram account

3. Tag Homesale Realty and use the hashtag #LoveHomesale


Videos must be posted before August 28, 2018. For more information, instructions and video criteria, please visit www.homesale.com/lovehomesale.


Good luck everyone!