Social Media Storm

Each generation has its own personality and, as a collective market, businesses change their advertising and selling practices to match those personalities. A report published by the National Association of REALTORS® in 2017 noted that the current largest share of home buyers are those 36 years old and younger, totaling 34 percent of the whole market, with the average age at 31. This age range, those between 22 and 37, is known as the Millennial generation. So the question becomes, how do we market to this generation?


Social media is the gateway to capturing the attention of the Millennial generation. They are looking for more than just stale, outbound marketing. They don’t respond to magazine ads, direct mail campaigns or radio advertisements. Millennials require authentic, engaging marketing and the best way to do that is through social media.

Although Facebook is the mass favorite across the generational board, it is quickly being overtaken by Instagram as the Millennial generation’s favorite. They want to feel like they know who they are buying from because, for them, it’s just as important to love the seller as it is to love the product. This means you need to be authentically you. They don’t just want to see sales pitches and ads with every swipe of their finger because they’ll just keep on swiping. Millennials want to see you playing with your kids, enjoying a baseball game, having fun with friends and taking your dog for a walk.

They also want to know the purpose behind the product and how it relates to their values: memorable experiences and social identity. What good are you and your brand doing in the world? Do you volunteer for social causes, charities or foundations? Show them. Millennials see their identity as a personal brand and they want to align that with others who stand for something good.

Another huge factor is maintaining a diverse social media presence. Having multiple social media platforms stacked with followers is how you show that you are a successful brand. Word of mouth is a key component to how Millennials decide what brands to trust, and when a friend likes, follows, shares or retweets you or one of your posts, that is their version of word of mouth. Millennials are more likely to listen to a friend’s recommendation than a stranger’s on the internet. Engage them on every platform possible: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Snapchat. Pick the outlets that are appropriate for your business and utilize them. Each platform can be tailored to a specific portion of your brand and using multiple outlets drives interest for Millennials because they want to understand the whole package.

For more tips on how to market to Millennials, click here.

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