The REALTOR® Chameleon


Buying houses can be a confusing and intimidating process. Most clients think they know what they want, but soon come to find out that may not be the case. They don’t understand the market like you do so they are relying on you to help them navigate it.

The most basic aspect to a job as a REALTOR® is customer service. You are serving your clients to help them achieve their dream. In order to provide excellent service, and be a successful REALTOR®, you need to modify and adapt your service style to each kind of client you encounter.


First-time home buyers are generally excited individuals who may not know everything. The extent of their understanding could be that they want a house and they know how much the bank will give them. This is where you, as their agent, need to educate and guide them. Make sure they understand the process, the different costs and the current market. Teach them how to compromise and help them work through figuring out deal breakers and determining what can be changed. With first-time home buyers, you need to be the teacher and mentor.

Highly Involved

Some buyers want to do everything, and that’s okay. You can offer advice and guidance, but don’t overcrowd their already busy mind. If they have done research and are comfortable making decisions on their own, be the support. Cheer them on and be someone for them to bounce ideas off of, but don’t try to take over. They’ll want to talk about everything involved with the process so come prepared with information to bring them quickly up to speed. When dealing with these highly-involved clients, you need to be the support and informant.

Polar Opposites

Every now and then you’ll deal with a couple that simply cannot agree. He wants a Victorian style and she wants a craftsman, or he wants a townhouse and she wants a single-family home with seven acres of land. Whatever the case is, as the REALTOR®, you need to become the mediator. You have to get them to come to terms and find a compromise. Help them work through their vision of what their future holds and guide them through deciding what they really want. Searching for houses that can be a good compromise between each individual’s wants can take extra time on your part. When it comes to these bickering partners, you’re going to have to transition into therapy mode to find a happy medium.

High Society

When you get a client that is blessed with a large budget, show them the endless possibilities. Show them low end budget houses that they can renovate to their heart’s content and show them high end budget houses that have amenities that they never thought possible. Show them small houses with lots of land and show them large houses on smaller plots. This is where you can shine as a REALTOR® and impress your clients with the house of their dreams. With clients whose budget is as high as the sky, you’ll turn into the greatest showman.

Humbled Roots

These are the clients who budget and penny-pinch and sometimes still have trouble making ends meet. Your job is to make them feel as though they are rich. No matter how small the budget, show them the best properties you can find. Treat them like royalty and talk up the houses they can afford. Give them ideas on small projects they can take on in the future to make a house even better. Show them that a happy life doesn’t necessarily mean a large house. Be honest about the budget constraints, but don’t make them feel inferior. When clients don’t have a lot to work with, you’ll need to be the budget-conscious cheerleader who can get the biggest bang for their buck.

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