The best agents should be able to anticipate their clients’ needs

Agent Couple Hand Shake

While real estate isn’t always an easy business, the agents with the most success tend to have it because they make the job look easy. With this in mind, real estate professionals may want to take some time to consider where they fall behind with their work, and what can be done to overcome those obstacles. Often, the biggest issues faced when it comes to dealing with clients can be remedied with the right strategies.

One of the most important skills agents can bring to the table is the ability to explain to their clients what to expect next, throughout the real estate sales process, according to Inman. When people know what’s required of them, and what’s likely to happen in the near future, there are far fewer issues that can arise for agents or their clients to deal with. And while that won’t stop every potential issue, it just helps everyone involved be more prepared on an ongoing basis.

Lessons from childhood
Famously, the Boy Scouts’ motto is, “Be prepared,” and that’s an attitude agents should take to heart. While issues aren’t going to arise most of the time, whether they’re on the client’s side or coming from across the table, having contingency plans in place to make sure they’re not caught off-guard and know exactly what to do is vital. While it’s perfectly understandable for clients who have been thrown a curve ball to become a little wary, they’re likely to be impressed by agents who can take the pitch with aplomb and still knock the sale out of the park.

In general, when an agent can take any potential hurdle in stride and deliver results with as little stress as possible, there is a greater probability for clients to stick with that agent for future real estate needs. They’re also more likely to recommend that agent to friends and family who are looking to buy or sell.

Get ready to pivot
At the same time, though, it’s also vital for agents to be willing and able to shift their tactics when the situation calls for it, Inman further noted. Not every client is the same, and the sales process can certainly come with some unexpected bumps in the road. The ability to meet clients’ needs when it comes to everything from explaining the sales process and adequately preparing them for it is obviously vital. But when people have different preferences for how agents contact them, walk them through these processes, and so on, agents have to be prepared for anything.

As a consequence, flexibility is key in all aspects of the real estate game. As agents gain experience they’re simply going to be able to respond to each unique situation with more grace. However, being well-versed in a number of different approaches to the same goals is what’s likely to keep real estate pros successful for many years to come.

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