Using Technology to Build Your Real Estate Business


The most successful real estate agents today know that leveraging the right technology will both make life easier and lead to better results. While we can all agree on some of the most important technological tools, the beautiful thing about real estate careers is that everybody finds their own unique ways to use those tools. Training, education and technology are at the core of what we do at BHHS Homesale Realty and today we’re going to review some of the most important technological tools that real estate agents are using to succeed right now.

Leveraging Real Estate Technology Means More Productivity and Fewer Headaches

The biggest thing to remember about real estate technology is that there are many different ways to use each tool. Social media is perfect for engaging, interacting and building relationships on a one-on-one level, but it’s also a great place for paid marketing. When you join BHHS Homesale Realty, our goal is to provide you with the best real estate technology, and the knowledge to unlock its full potential.

  • Constant Contact – Real estate clients like convenience, and that includes being able to contact you through their preferred channels. Make sure you have a presence on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so that people can reach you through social. Check your email frequently, and consider using instant messaging apps to make communication even easier.
  • A Guided Tour – Video home tours are already very popular among online audiences, and it’s only a matter of time until virtual reality tours follow suit. These engaging, immersive tours are great because they allow the audience to feel like they’re touring the home in person, even if they’re actually located halfway across the country. For video tours, the technology already exists to make DIY recording and editing much easier, so you can create professional quality video without professional costs.
  • On-Demand Information – Both real estate agents and real estate clients now have access to more information than ever before, as long as they know where to look. If you want clients to value your website as a real estate resource, it’s important to provide an easy, feature-rich MLS search so that they can browse homes in their terms. There are few better ways to keep real estate clients coming back for more.
  • Relationship Management – On the agent side, that on-demand information comes in the form of customer relationship management (CRM) software, which automatically records and stores key information on clients. CRM makes it easier to manage relationships without digging through piles of paperwork, and helps you time your marketing to fit the client’s purchasing process. If you are taking on a new client from another agent, CRM also makes it very easy to get up to speed.
  • Expanding Your Influence – Whether you want to expand your influence in real estate circles or become the local real estate expert that people in your community turn to, today’s technology provides plenty of tools to grow your influence. Create video content, blog posts and appealing images to expand your social media footprint. Your content also functions as a great advertisement because it is an opportunity to demonstrate your real estate expertise.

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