What helps make a real estate blog stand out?


More real estate professionals have come to understand the value of blogging to help push their sites up local search rankings and gain more traction with would-be buyers and sellers. However, there are certainly elements that separate a good blog from a great one. When agents know the difference, they can really unlock new potential for their web content to be shared and – potentially – connect with future clients.

The good news is there are plenty of little add-ons for blogs that can help them stand out from the crowd, above and beyond what even planned, well-written posts already provide, according to Real Estate Tech News. For one thing, it’s vital to have SEO-monitoring apps attached to your blog platform so that any posts are optimized to improve their standing among local real estate site rankings. Likewise, having the power of Google Analytics to see how visitors find each blog post – and the site overall – can help improve traffic as well.

Getting in touch
Beyond the basics, though, the point of a real estate blog is usually to both highlight current listings and entice potential clients to fill out contact forms so you know how to get in touch with them. Apps like Ninja Forms, MailChimp for WordPress, Constant Contact and more will achieve that end fairly easily.  Keep in mind, there are many options, so it would be wise to experiment a little bit and figure out which one works best for your specific needs.

Finally, it’s absolutely crucial to install a widget that optimizes your site for viewing on all devices, and mobile in particular. Because a growing number of home shoppers begin their search online using a smartphone, the ability to scale a site automatically to match whatever screen they’re using is a must.

Making it look good
Meanwhile, it’s also a good idea to consider the benefits of finding the best possible blog design that highlights just how beautiful the listings are, and one that makes the words pop off the screen as well, according to Athemes. While some WordPress themes cost money, many are available for free and can make content as shareable as possible. Of course, because these themes are available to everyone, it’s vital to find one that’s not being used by another local competitor already.

Consider the lifestyle you want to convey in your theme. Many themes are customizable to an almost unbelievable extent, while others are more basic and allow you to simply pick color schemes, fonts, and so forth. How far you want to take the level of customization should depend on your personal web expertise, but most themes are very user-friendly and therefore some experimenting will help you get acclimated. After that, you may be able to “set it and forget it.”

Remember, even one well-designed blog post can be the thing that helps a potential client – whether buying or selling – decide to do business with you. This kind of power to drive real estate sales should never be underestimated.

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