How do veteran agents generate more referrals?


Any real estate professional can tell you: the business is often all about who you know. So for those who are new to the field, the question typically becomes how they can make the right impression to get clients to refer others. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks recommended by long-time agents can typically help those just starting out, build the bedrock of their future success.

In general, agents who do best with clients – whether they’re buying or selling – share a small handful of common traits, according to Inman. They’re likable, approachable, genuine, and flexible. Not surprisingly, those traits tend to resonate with their clients because they foster an atmosphere of trust throughout the real estate sales process, which can often be a trying time for consumers simply because many haven’t bought or sold a home before.

Be in the client’s corner
While most agents are going to have a number of clients at any given time, the ability to make people feel like they’re get special attention – and their needs are being attended to at every turn – is vital. That means being available to answer calls and texts at just about any time, but also having the ability to meet with clients in-person if they need it. Veteran agents know the best ways to reassure clients about how things are going with the occasional face-to-face meeting really adds a personal touch that even attentive work to answer all calls or emails won’t.

Of course, not all clients are the same, and having the capability to know when to lean into that kind of hands-on service and when it’s not particularly necessary, in any given situation, is also vital. Being as open and honest about how the sales process is going is great, and so too, is staying in contact even after a sale is completed. After all, if the name of the game is getting referrals for future business, working to stay front-of-mind is crucial.

What about costs?
Of course, veteran agents often find fertile ground for referrals through more traditional means, such as programs that thank past clients for getting them in touch with someone who completes a sale, according to Ixact Contact. In addition, agents who are able to understand the unique preferences  of their clients, and their  ability to use what they learned about their clients during the sales process ultimately guides their choice in choosing the best targeted thank-you gifts to surprise and delight them, and leave a lasting impression as a result.

At this time, though, it might be wise to think a little more outside the box with those “thank-you’s.”  Perhaps consider hosting small “block parties” in your office parking lot at the end of the spring or summer shopping seasons, which can help connect not only with clients, but the community at large.

Agents who want to stand out from the crowd and get more referrals can typically do so just by putting in a little extra effort to show their clients just how important they are. And for newer agents in particular, that kind of effort can really set the standard for the rest of their careers.

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