Look to other industries for marketing inspiration


While many real estate professionals typically rely on tried-and-true industry methods of marketing their services, there’s something to be said for thinking outside the box. While old industry standards are well-known and often-used because they work, it can sometimes be a good idea to look to the way other types of professionals or businesses market their services. That can help provide new inspirations that agents might need as this year’s buying season arrives.

One of the big emerging trends in marketing is going digital-only, and while that might not be the best strategy for real estate agents looking to connect with would-be buyers and sellers of all ages, there are still good ideas to harvest from this new trend, according to digital marketing critic Gabriel Shaoolian, writing for Forbes. One of the big ideas that’s permeating digital marketing now is the need to get as personal and innovative as possible. What this means is that agents should be marketing themselves as local experts and tailoring their efforts to what their current or past clients have expressed the most interest in.

How can this be done?
One great method for connecting with clients in this way is by holding Facebook Live events that are advertised across various social media channels. While some agents are starting to hold these events for open houses, experts also say it can be wise to do so for something as simple as a question-and-answer session about a number of topics, including the real estate industry, what an agent’s job entails, the best way to buy and sell in today’s market and even local recommendations.

Along similar lines, agents that focus on sending out social media blasts that address similar topics via Snapchat might have a better time connecting with young clients in particular. The trick here will be to find a social media tone that works and feels natural. That will help create an authentic and enthusiastic feel to any digital marketing efforts.

What about the real world?
Meanwhile, agents can also find inspiration in the way online-only companies market themselves offline, according to Tech.co. Of course, many of these companies rely on the same kinds of traditional advertising methods that may be old hat to those in the real estate game, like newspaper ads, local signage and so on. However, one area where these online businesses may be able to provide a little more of an edge to agents is through what some call “event marketing.”

This means that putting down a little bit of money to host a small event – even something as simple as a fun fair for kids in the office parking lot – can attract a lot of attention from passersby and help to get an agent’s name and face out there. Being ready to talk to people about how agents’ expertise can help to ease the stress of the real estate sales experience is wise here, of course, but if the name of the game is just to get the word out as the buying season gets underway, this is a great place to start.

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