Master multiple tech options to boost real estate sales


While the key to marketing is to be visible, it might not always be possible to be as “out there” as you’d like. With this in mind, it’s vital to keep up with the latest trends in emerging technology to highlight home features in a way that will appeal to would-be buyers.

For instance, wearable tech, like smartwatches, have started to gain a bit of traction among consumers, especially younger ones. As a result, it may be possible to incorporate these devices into online real estate marketing in a unique way, according to Inman. Some small drones now come with technology that allows them to “lock on” to a smartwatch or other wearable device and follow the wearer around. This technology may make it possible to give virtual guided tours of listings, using drones to guide the buyer through the property.

Other emerging technology
In addition, you could apply similar ideas to video tours compiled for virtual reality-enabled devices. This type of equipment can work for something as simple as a smartphone with a connected headset and can go a long way toward allowing a user – perhaps one who cannot attend an open house – to virtually walk through a listing and get a near-interactive experience.

Likewise, even those who can attend an open house may be able to get in on the virtual experience with a technology known as “augmented reality.” Many agents may have seen this tech reach immense popularity already with the popular Pokémon GO! smartphone app. In that game, the phone’s camera superimposes Pokémon into real-world settings, allowing users to feel like they’re catching Pokémon in their own neighborhoods.

Other tech companies are now undertaking similar efforts that could have an application in real estate: AR would allow people to superimpose furniture and other accessories into spaces at an open house to better personalize the experience. This way, they can get a clearer feel for what a home would look like when it is more suited to their tastes. That capability alone could revolutionize the way open houses work within the next several years.

Getting proactive
The key for real estate agents when it comes to utilizing this kind of technology might be getting out in front of local trends, according to Real Estate Weekly. Because technology like AR and VR is often somewhat inexpensive to implement, it can be wise to at least invest a few hundred dollars in these options or at least play around to see if they work for boosting sales.

“Technology has gone from something that can help you to something that is necessary,” Zvi Band, founder and CEO of Contactually, said at a recent real estate conference, according to the site.

Agents can use emerging technology to make themselves stand out from the competition and get an edge in local sales.

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