Using Drones to Highlight Property Features

droneMany real estate professionals who keep up with the latest trends in online marketing have probably noticed a lot of videos taken with drones lately. It should come as no surprise these aircraft are growing in popularity because they really can show off attractive properties. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind before agents incorporate drones into their own marketing efforts, including compliance with state and federal regulation.

The right shots taken with these unmanned aircraft can help a property stand out from the crowd, which can increase the likelihood of a real estate sale. But there are some tips and tricks those experienced with this kind of real estate marketing would impart to any new adopters, according to New American Agent

Where to begin
When it comes to using drones to get the perfect real estate listing videos and photos, experts recommend ensuring that adjacent features to the property also add positive interest to the subject property.  In some cases, a drone may show that the neighbors’ yards or other nearby features don’t paint a property in the most attractive light, and for these properties, it might be wise to avoid drone use. But when everything looks good, another potential benefit of aerial footage is the ability to provide perspective that highlights proximity from one home to another, as well as to main thoroughfares, schools, playgrounds, supermarkets and the like.

In addition, drones can be used to create videos that simulate the experience of “coming home” to a property, according to long-time real estate pro Bennat Berger. For instance, flying a drone down a street, up a driveway and to the front door of a home can help viewers feel like they’re the ones pulling up to a property, especially when they use the latest high-resolution cameras. Along similar lines, taking a drone all over a property at a low altitude can also highlight attractive features that might not show up as well with hand-held video cameras or photography.

Dealing with red tape
The Federal Aviation Administration recently changed some rules to allow drones use for real estate marketing, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, hopeful agents must navigate a number of issues first. The most important of those hurdles is agents will have to get a remote pilot’s license specifically for drone use, following completion of a test. After that, agents will have to renew their licenses every two years.

In addition, drones must be used during daylight hours only and cannot go more than 400 feet above a property. Operators will also have to be stationary on the ground during the flight and make sure they’ve carefully inspected the drone before putting it in the air. Further, agents will have to get homeowner permission to operate the drone on their properties.  Outsourcing drone footage may be an easier route, and there are a number of professional drone companies with licensed drone pilots that are available to shoot the aerial footage for real estate listings at a fairly reasonable fee.   As more and more listings with drone footage appear on the MLS, it’s clear that the results from listings with drone footage show a new level of professionalism and certainly help listings stand out from the crowd.

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