Highlighting a home with great photos and video


Multimedia is crucial to marketing a home these days, as consumers want to really get a feel for a property before they even show up for an open house. As such, real estate professionals would do well to make sure they photograph and record everything like the pros to make online visitors feel like they get an up-close and personal look at a property.

Typically, when people shop for a home online, the pictures are going to be what draws them in initially. Agents know this to be true in general, but experts say industry-standard practices when it comes to photography and taking video might need to be spruced up a little bit to make a property for sale stand out, according to Trulia. In these cases, it might be wise to rely on the services of a professional photographer or videographer, or at least the same kind of equipment they would use, like professional cameras and tripods, rather than just taking pictures with a smartphone. The latter can limit your options for improving a photo in post-production.

Next-level tips
One of the big trends in real estate photography is to use drones to get aerial photos and videos, and if properties have scenic back yards, swimming pools or other water features that would show up well in this type of media, then those devices can be a great resource, the report said. However, if the areas around a home leave a little to be desired, even if it’s a neighbor’s yard, including those photos or videos isn’t necessarily a must. Likewise, within a home itself, there are bound to be some features that could use a little handiwork before a sale, they don’t necessarily have to be included in a photo or video tour.

Instead, it might be wiser to focus on a home’s attractive interior features. That photographic effort should probably include pictures with lots of natural light. It would be wise for agents to ask owners which parts of the house get the most light and at what times of day. Even if this is a photography project that takes several hours, getting the right kinds of photos can pay off by boosting the value of a real estate sale.

What else do pros do?
One of the big tips photographers recommend taking photos of a home’s nicer features from angles rather than head-on, Inman advised. This can help make a photo appear more “three-dimensional” even if it’s just on a smartphone or computer screen. And in general, the more pictures of each feature, the better off agents will be when it comes to finding the one that highlights exactly how beautiful a fireplace, breakfast nook or back porch can be.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to digitally touch up even the nicest photos before being posted. In much the same way as photo shoots involving models go through a round or two with photo editing software. Without going overboard, cleaning up a few elements of even the best shots can go a long way toward making pictures pop for their intended audience.

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