The Time to Totally Embrace Tech is Now

techInvestors are feeling bullish on real estate technology, a sentiment that could produce new opportunities in the near future.

MetaProp NYC, a real estate technology accelerator, recently polled investors and startup founders on the state of the industry, and where they see it going in 2016 and beyond. The results of the “Global Real Estate Tech Confidence Index” show that investors are confident about the state of the real estate technology market. On a 1-10 scale, investors rated their confidence in the industry a 9.1.

“We found that 90 percent of investors intend to make either the same amount of investments as last year or more in 2016,” the researchers explained. “Founders and investors expect that the real estate tech market will grow more competitive during 2016, with more startups chasing a larger pool of venture capital funding.”

Luckily, real estate agents don’t have to wait for great apps. There are already plenty available. If you can’t wait for the latest investments to hit the market, here are a few of the best real estate apps available now:

When you’re working for a brokerage, keeping track of all your expenses can be difficult. This app will keep track of all your receipts for you, which can help you stay more organized and free up space on your desk or in your drawers. If you’re tracking your expenses, consider Expensify or a similar service to make sure you’re staying on top of your receipts.

Have you ever hosted a virtual open house? If not, you might want to look into downloading Periscope and trying one out. Leads that are moving long distances or have busy schedules would likely take advantage of virtual tours if you offer them. You can also use apps like Periscope for Q&A sessions or to stream local events.

Maintaining relationships with past clients is important, which is why apps like Homekeepr can help. This service sends maintenance reminders to real estate agents’ past clients. This is a great excuse to keep in touch and it’s helpful for homeowners.

There are plenty of apps available for real estate agents, and new ones waiting around the corner. These can help you stay organized, reach new leads and maintain strong relationships with past clients. The suite of services available to real estate agents now – along with the fact that investors are confident more are on the way – is great for tech-savvy real estate professionals whose most valuable lead generation tools are their cellphones.

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August 2016 Marketing & Tech Stat

newmarktechThis month’s Marketing & Tech Stat highlights how we market listings online and through print media to get them in front of as many buyers as possible.  This is great content to share with your current sellers and anyone who is thinking about selling their home in the future.

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4 Tips for Starting Your Real Estate Career Off Right

Real Estate Life

Working as a real estate agent isn’t like many other jobs, and people new to the role will need help kicking off their careers.


If you’re one of those individuals who is just starting out in real estate, don’t worry. This job requires hard work, but it’s also exciting and rewarding. To ensure success, though, there are a number of habits that new real estate agents should adopt. These will help you improve your planning and lead generation. If you’re interested in getting your real estate career started off the right way, you may want to consider taking up some of these habits:

  1. Block out lead generation time
    One way to ensure lead generation success is to block out time every day solely for that purpose. Don’t let anything break your lead generation bubble each day. This way, you can make sure you produce plenty of leads each day. Inman suggested scheduling this block each morning. This way you get it out of the way, and have the rest of the day to leverage your new leads.
  2. Be quick to communicate 
    Buying or selling a home can be a long, and sometimes complicated, process. One thing your clients definitely need is speedy communication. Being quick to respond shows your clients that you care, and earns their trust that you’ll be there when they need you. Once you are on the phone with your clients, be sure to take time to speak with them. Really investing time in their concerns will strengthen your relationships with clients and help you understand the home buying and selling processes from their perspective better.
  3. Hone in on open houses
    Early on in your real estate career, it will help to set up as many open houses as you can, according to Inman. One every weekend for at least two months – or even three or four – could set you up with a significant network of leads to begin working through. Open houses are a great way to meet prospective Buyers who may be planning to get into the real estate market, but haven’t taken the next step of enlisting the help of a real estate professional.
  4. Take advantage of tech tools
    Technology exists to make our lives easier, so why not use it to simplify your day-to-day real estate plan? There are plenty of apps out there that simplify lead generation, budgeting, planning and marketing, among other tasks. Taking advantage of available tech will help you cut costs, make processes more efficient and stay on top of your real estate business.

Starting out in real estate can be daunting, but adopting the habits above will help you get your career going more quickly. By generating leads and building a positive reputation as you’re starting out, you’ll set yourself up for long term success.


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August Item of Value

If you didn’t squeeze your vacation in yet this summer, time may seem to be running out. Instead of stressing over the planning, money and travel involved, consider a stay-cation. Pass these ideas along to your circle of contacts to show them that the perfect vacation really could be at home.

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