Marketing Resource: Social Sharing

If you are looking to share your Ecards to your social media accounts (especially your Facebook Business Page), follow these useful tips below.

First login into your BHHS Resource Center Account and click on Marketing Resource. When editing your profile, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and then click edit profile.


Next you will be able to edit your profile in the pop-up window. You can add a profile picture, add your personal website, edit your email address, as well as add your social media profiles in the areas show below. Once you add everything, make sure your click ‘Save Changes’ before closing the window.



Now you can begin creating your personalized Ecard(s). Once you have one created, make sure you click ‘Preview’ to make sure it looks exactly how you want. You will notice in the ‘Preview’ window, your profile information shows up at the bottom along with the social media icons of all of the social media accounts you entered. So when clients click on these icons, they will be able to follow/like your social media accounts.


After you verify all of the information on the Ecard looks complete and to your liking, exit out of the preview window. Once you are back to the page below, you will see social media icons to share the Ecard you just created. If you want to share your Ecard to your Twitter Account or LinkedIn account you can. HOWEVER, if you click on the Facebook icon, the Ecard will post to your personal Facebook page and you unfortunately cannot change the location of the post to a page you manage. If you have a Facebook Business Page, and want to post it there, you will have to do it another way at this time.



To post to your Facebook Business Page, click on the ‘Preview’ Button again. This will take you to another window, with a new URL specific to your Ecard. Copy this URL. 5

Next go to your Facebook Business Page and paste the URL in the dialog box. Wait for the image to show up. If it does not, refresh the page and paste the URL. Repeat this step until the image shows up. (Yes this is not ideal, but sometimes Facebook does not recognize there is an image associated with the URL) Once the image pulls it will look like this…


Please make sure you delete the URL in the dialog box after the image pulls. Then write a nice message to your audience about the Ecard and/or your real estate services.

If you need assistance, have questions or concerns, please contact Tara at

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