Millennials: 2. How Real Estate Agents Win Over Millennials

As a recap from last weeks post, RIS Media featured a very informative article for agents about millennials and real estate.

Some of the key take-aways include:

  • Millennials have an untapped demand for homeownership, which brings great opportunities for Realtors to strategically serve them
  • Millennials are digital natives and the most tech-savvy generation
  • The top two methods to find a Real Estate Agent are through word-of-mouth and a previously used agent

So as an Agent, you might be wondering…..How do I reach Millennials? How do I tap into this new demand from Millennials? How will they find me? Do I approach the real estate experience differently? All great questions, and guess what, we have some great answers!

Let’s start out with the first question: How do I reach Millennials? Hmm, let’s refer back to second key take-away, ‘As digital natives, they are the most tech-savvy generation’. Millennials grew up in a digital world, which means they find their information about almost EVERYTHING…online. As a realtor it is extremely important to be on the interwebs, to have an online presence, and preferably a well maintained presence. If someone has recommended you as a realtor to a millennial, believe me, they will stop dead in their tracks to start googling your name and checking for a presence on social media. If they can’t find you anywhere, they will move on to googling another agent. If you have up-to-date profile information on the national portals (, Zillow, Trulia and, you are on the right track. If you also have a Facebook Business Page, give yourself a pat on the back. However, if you haven’t posted on your Facebook Business Page in months…years, you should definitely start posting again if you want to appeal to Millennials. Now, what about having a website? It’s about to be 2016, you should have a website with a domain name. Don’t get me wrong, your extremely detailed bios on the big real estate portals are fantastic, but a website offers something they don’t…personal marketing, keywords and SEO (which helps with your ranking on google), plus, your the only agent advertised so all of the leads go to you.  Your website is your marketing hub; everything else you do online is really just a vehicle used to get more consumers to your website. I suppose this little rant answered most of the questions above, so let’s continue by going over a few other important points.

If you have recent sales, you should make sure they are featured on your real estate profiles (Trulia and Zillow) and your website. Providing information about your recent solds, shows potential clients that you are an active real estate agents and helps them get a better grasp of what price range and types of properties you are familiar with. You can add recent solds to your advanced agent website (by contacting

Reviews about your real estate services are another factor Millennials will be looking for. Do you have recent reviews on your real estate profiles and website? If you don’t, it is highly suggested that you reach out to your past clients and kindly ask them for a review.  Just like products, people, especially millennials, like to see how the product works and if it works well. When viewing agent reviews, millennials will check to see if you have worked with buyers and/or sellers, the type of service you provided your clients with and their overall satisfaction.

If you are interested in creating a personal website please contact, . And if you are interested in jump starting your social media presence, please contact

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