Update: Adding Listings to Your Facebook Business Page

Adding a listing directly from your agent website or www.homesale.com will save you a great deal of time. Instead of having to individually download and upload photos of a specific home with details, you can simply use the Share Button on your website or the homesale website.

The share buttons used to be located at the top of the listing details page, but now they are in a slightly different place. Follow the directions below.i just

1. To Share go to your website, search for the property you want to post on Facebook. Scroll down until you see the SHARE LISTING button on the right-hand side. Then click the SHARE LISTING button.


2. Click on the Facebook Icon. Depending on your browser, you may have to edit your browser settings allow pop-ups from your website (or homesale.com) so the Facebook window is able to pop-up.


3. Once you allow the pop-ups for the website, this box will then show up. Make sure you click on the drop down menu to change to your Facebook Business Page (if you have one). In the drop down menu the option you want to choose (if you have a Facebook Business Page) ‘On a Page You Manage’.




It will then post on your Facebook Business Page timeline. Don’t forget to write something about the property. For example: “I will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE this Sunday from 1-3pm. I hope so see you there. For more information please call me at 717-123-4567”


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