3 Ways to Engage Past Clients This Fall



Autumn is a season of change. Summer fades fast, temperatures fall and homeowners are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Many agents send annual clean-up reminders, but there are other opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Meet the season by changing up your standard engagement strategy. Below is a list of three thoughtful ways real estate agents can help past clients this fall.


1. Alert them to local policy.

Many counties, towns and homeowners associations handle the seasons differently. Some municipalities have designated days for bagged leaves collection and do not allow leaf disposal in the standard waste stream.

Homeowners’ associations might require timely debris clean-up or have limits on Halloween decorations. Make sure your past clients are aware of these policies before they upset the local apple cart.


2. Invite them to seasonal events.

Many towns and counties hold fairs and festivals to celebrate the season. New homeowners, though, might not be aware of all their new location has to offer. Use social media sites such as Facebook to pass on event information and invitations.

Your clients will be grateful, especially if your invitation reflects an understanding of their interests and family. Don’t feel obliged to meet them at the gate; they’ll remember the thoughtful suggestion even if they choose not to attend.


3. Make a proactive services recommendation.

Although fall presents its own challenges, it’s also a time to prepare for winter. Encourage your past clients to be on top of home maintenance early.

Oil heaters and gas tanks should be inspected. Generators should be tested and serviced. Chimneys should be cleaned professionally before the first cold night prompts a fire. This season, make sure your clients are prepared to be safe and warm in the next.

The fall clean-up list is a reliable and meaningful way to engage with clients. But to really add value after the sale, it’s important to connect with past clients in more ways than one. Increase post-transaction engagement by supporting all facets of homeownership — not just the basics.


Article from Inman.com 
Author: Mike Pontacoloni

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