Dotloop FAQ

The Basics…
Create loop, name loop, go to View Details.  On the Details page, select a Transaction Type, Loop Status, and select a Role for yourself.  Then add your clients and anyone else involved in the transaction.  The Details page is what autofills info to your forms so fill out as much as you can.  When finished, Save, Go Back to Loop and start working on Documents.  Click Add Documents, Add From-Templates, Fill Out Forms and then Print or Share for Esignatures.

How do dotloop accounts get set-up for new agents?
An office admin adds incoming agents to the dotloop office dashboard using their name and email address.  This triggers an automatic email from the system to the agent.  The agent clicks “Learn More” in the email and is then able to create a password.  Their login info is their email address and whatever password they just created.

Who sets up new agent accounts?
Lancaster Region- each office admin
Harrisburg Region- Marilyn Myers
York Region- Chris Thomas
Maryland Region – Pat Windisch
Wyomissing- Sherri Kaminski
Schuylkill Haven- Breana Martin

What happens if the agent deletes the email to create their account?
The office admin can check in the people section of the office dashboard to see if the agent has logged in yet.  If they haven’t logged in, the admin can remove them and then add them back; this will resend the email allowing them to create their account.

Where do I go to login?
There is an icon on or they can go directly to

What happens if I forget my password?
They would need to go to – click Sign In – click Forgot Password to reset it.

What is the best browser to use?
Google Chrome- Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS,
Microsoft Edge – Windows 8

Is there an app?
They currently have an ipad and iphone app.  They’re still working on the android app; for now use the Google Chrome browser.

What if an agent’s contact info and office info isn’t populating on their forms?
Their office information pulls from their profile.  To access their profile they hover over their photo (or the far right person icon if their photo hasn’t been uploaded) and then click My Account.  This is where they fill in Company Name, Office Phone #, and Office Address.  On the left side under Settings is where they put their name and their cell phone number.  Once they create a loop, they need to be sure they’re selecting their role as Listing Agent or Buying Agent.

How does an agent hand in their file to the office admin?
Once all signed/finalized documents are in the loop (all old versions are archived) and they’re ready to hand it in, they click Submit for Review (top right corner of their loop).

I can’t find a loop, it’s gone… 
Loops are not gone because they can’t be permanently deleted; they can be archived or marked as sold.  Loops are stored in an agent’s account for 5 years (that is our company purge policy).  Filters control which loops agents are seeing.  If they can’t find a loop, they need to go to Filter and adjust the Loops Statuses that they have checked.  The ones that are checked is what they’re opting to see in their account.

Where does the client’s mailing address go?
Click View Details.  Then go to Add Person and put in your client name and Role then click Add Person.  Once your client has been added, click More and fill in their mailing address.  This is also where you put the Broker name and office info if you’ve added the Co-op Agent.

Documents in my loop are gone..
Documents in a loop can’t be deleted; they can only be archived.  Click Show Archived to see them.  If you need to restore a document, click the drop down to the right and click Unarchive.  Then click Hide Archived to return to the normal view of your loop.

What types of files can be uploaded to dotloop?
Only pdfs.  If the file is a jpg, word doc, etc it needs to be converted to a pdf.  It can be printed and then scanned back in or a pdf converter can be used.  These are two free options: PDF 995 or Bullzip

My Client isn’t seeing the email with the docs that I shared..
Have them check their spam/junk folder.  Go into your loop, and check the Activity Log to make sure you shared the documents.  Then, scroll to the people section and double check that you typed the email address in correctly (click on the current email address to edit and fix it if needed).  Select the docs that you Shared, click Share, click the drop down to the right of your client name and click Reshare to push the email out again.

My clients can’t sign..
Check in the people section of your loop that their Roles are accurate (Buyer or Seller). Then select the docs that you shared, click Share and make sure they have Can Sign permission.

I’m working with another agent, lender, title person, inspector, etc that doesn’t use dotloop and prefers to receive a pdf, how do I do that in dotloop?
Select the docs, click Share, select the person that you’re sending them to, click Show Options (bottom left corner of share screen), then check next to Attach PDF to email.  Click Share to send.

What is the difference between a PDF and an Interactive Document in dotloop?
Interactive documents have been made available to you by your brokerage and are in the office templates in dotloop; you can type on an interactive document and fill it out.  With a flat pdf, you need to drag and drop fields to make it interactive.

I have a pdf in my email, how do I add it to my loop?
Open the email with the attached pdf and click Forward.  Go into your loop, click Add Document, Add From-Email.  Go back to the email that you are forwarding and in the To: spot, paste.  Click Send to send the email.  Go back into your loop and refresh your screen.

How do I make changes or edits on a flat pdf that is in my loop?
Once you open the pdf in your loop, you’re able to drag and drop text fields, signature boxes, initial boxes, etc to make your pdf interactive.

How do I move documents from one folder to another or one loop to another loop?
Select the documents, click Copy To, To Loop, select the loop that you want the document in, select the folder, click Copy.

How do I convert a dotloop interactive document to a flat pdf?
Select the documents, click Copy To, change to flat pdf, To Loop, Select Loop, Select Folder, click Copy.

How do I have a POA sign using dotloop?
Put the seller’s name in with the Seller Role and use the POA’s email address.  Share the document.  Once the POA clicks View Documents and clicks the first signature/initial field, they will get an Adopt Your Signature pop-up.  They will change it the client name from John Smith to Jane Smith POA and then start signing.  (this is the same process for an LLC)

I’m the agent and the client, how do I do this in dotloop?
You’re only able to have one role in a loop.  Assign yourself as one role and then when you open the document, manually click the signature/initial spots for the other role and sign them.

I misspelled my someone’s name or email address, how do I fix this?
Go into your loop and scroll down to the people section.  Click on the current email address to edit it.  To edit their name, click the drop down to the far right and click Edit.  If they haven’t created a dotloop account, you’re able to edit and fix their name.  If they’ve already created a dotloop account then they need to login and go to My Account-Settings and change it.  If you need the name fixed on your forms, next you want to select all of those docs and click Open.  Go to Other Actions – Autofill.  Double check that the correct info is on the pop-up and then click Autofill.  On the next pop-up click Overwrite.

I have a typo in the address, need to change the price, a date, etc…
Go to View Details, change the necessary field.  Then open the documents that need updated.  Go to Other Actions – Autofill.  Double check that it is updated on the Autofill pop-up and click Autofill.  On the next pop-up click Overwrite.

New dotloop Function: Ability to overwrite document fields on multiple documents

Great news, dotloop just released a new function that you will love!

Right now, you create a loop, fill out the details page (this auto fills info to your forms), and then add documents to fill out.  If you need to make a change once you’ve filled out the documents (client name typo, address typo, price change, etc), you need to manually update that field on each form.  Pretty time consuming and not an easy process…

Dotloop just released a way to make changes and then force an overwrite on any/all forms at the same time.  With this new function, you will be able to go back to the details page, make a change, open any/all documents that need updated, click Other Actions-Auto Fill, and then click Overwrite.  This will overwrite any updated fields on all documents that you’ve opened.  Any documents that weren’t opened, will remain unchanged.


Let’s say that you’ve filled out the details page and put 2% as the Sales Commission Rate.  You then opened your documents, filled the rest of them out, and saved them.

Now you need to change that 2% Sales Commission Rate to 1%.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to View Details.  Change the Sales Commission Rate to 1%, click Save, click Back to Loop.  (you could also skip this step and start by opening the documents that you need changes- Step#2)1 percent sales commission
  2. Check the boxes next to all documents that need updated to select them and then click Open (above the documetn folder).  Any documents unopened will remain docs
  3. Go to Other Actions – AutofillOther Actions Auto Fill
  4. On the Autofill pop-up you’ll see that Sales Commission Rate now says 1%, click Auto Fill because we changed it on the details page.  If you skipped that step, you can change it fill pop up for 1 percent
  5. On the Overwrite existing fields pop-up, click OverwriteOverwrite
  6. You’ll now see any/all updated fields highlighted in yellow so you know that they’ve changedupdated field

3 Ways to Engage Past Clients This Fall



Autumn is a season of change. Summer fades fast, temperatures fall and homeowners are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Many agents send annual clean-up reminders, but there are other opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Meet the season by changing up your standard engagement strategy. Below is a list of three thoughtful ways real estate agents can help past clients this fall.


1. Alert them to local policy.

Many counties, towns and homeowners associations handle the seasons differently. Some municipalities have designated days for bagged leaves collection and do not allow leaf disposal in the standard waste stream.

Homeowners’ associations might require timely debris clean-up or have limits on Halloween decorations. Make sure your past clients are aware of these policies before they upset the local apple cart.


2. Invite them to seasonal events.

Many towns and counties hold fairs and festivals to celebrate the season. New homeowners, though, might not be aware of all their new location has to offer. Use social media sites such as Facebook to pass on event information and invitations.

Your clients will be grateful, especially if your invitation reflects an understanding of their interests and family. Don’t feel obliged to meet them at the gate; they’ll remember the thoughtful suggestion even if they choose not to attend.


3. Make a proactive services recommendation.

Although fall presents its own challenges, it’s also a time to prepare for winter. Encourage your past clients to be on top of home maintenance early.

Oil heaters and gas tanks should be inspected. Generators should be tested and serviced. Chimneys should be cleaned professionally before the first cold night prompts a fire. This season, make sure your clients are prepared to be safe and warm in the next.

The fall clean-up list is a reliable and meaningful way to engage with clients. But to really add value after the sale, it’s important to connect with past clients in more ways than one. Increase post-transaction engagement by supporting all facets of homeownership — not just the basics.


Article from 
Author: Mike Pontacoloni