dotloop Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts/Hot Keys for More Efficient Document Editing

Dragging and dropping fields onto PDFs can be time consuming. In an effort to make working with documents on dotloop as simple as possible, they have created hot keys.  If you’re not sure what a hot key is, here is an example: hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard, click ADD SIGNATURE in the toolbar, and then click numerous spots on your screen to place multiple signature fields without having to drag and drop from the toolbar each time.

Here is a list of the current hot keys:

(Mac users replace “ALT” with “Control+Option”)

SHIFT + CLICK = Select multiple fields/Unselect field if selected

SHIFT + ARROW = Move all selected fields by 1 px

CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW = Move all selected fields by 10 px in direction of arrow

ALT + ARROW = Resize field by 1 px (Left=shrink width, Up=shrink height, Right=grow width, Down=grow height)

SHIFT + ALT + ARROW = Copy field and focus new field (Copies in the direction of the arrow)

SHIFT + CLICK PAGE = the field width will grow/shrink so that the right or left side of the field is now at the site of the mouse click

SHIFT + Delete =  delete all selected fields

Fields will be replaced on the last mouse click:

ALT + C = Add checkbox

ALT + R = Add radio button

ALT + T Add text box

ALT + N = Add name field

ALT + S = Add signature field

ALT + I = Add initial field

ALT + K = Add strikethrough

ALT + Z = Add date field

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