How to Write a Social Media Bio: 5 Tips for Real Estate Professionals

No one likes writing social media bios. Summing up the wonderful, complex individual that you are in just a few strategically selected words, is challenging.


However, in today’s socially savvy real estate marketplace, it can’t be avoided. You’re going to need at least one social media bio (but more likely two or three) if you plan on connecting with colleagues, influencers and prospects online.

In an effort to make this intimidating task just a little bit easier, here are five social media bio tips:


1. Make sure your full name (or full business name) is written somewhere.
This seems obvious, but if your handle is @BestAgentEver, be sure to put your full name somewhere so people know who they’re talking to. If you’re using your personal account to post real estate information and listings, put the name of your brokerage somewhere in your bio so people know why.


2. Say something special about what you do.
Why do you like being a real estate agent? Who do you help? Do you have a niche? Show everyone that you’re an expert at what you do by mentioning something specific to your business in your bio.


3. Share something personal.
Users want to connect with other real people online, so write something that humanizes you. Do you like a certain animal, food or sports team? Add a quick note about something you’re passionate about. It might help you strike up a conversation.


4. Add something funny.
Approach this with caution. We can’t all be funny, and we don’t all share the same sense of humor. But if you’re genuinely a crack up, adding something harmless (like a pun) can’t hurt.


5. Don’t forget your URL.
This is the most important tip of all. If people are interested in you and your business, they’ll want to learn more. Include your real estate website address so they can click through—and hopefully convert.


And, since every platform is a little different, here are a few pointers for some of the biggies:

You only have 140 characters to fit everything in, so make them count. Fortunately, your URL doesn’t factor into the character count, but you can add a second URL into your bio if you really want to.


On Facebook, you can have a short description and a long description. The short description is the one people see when they visit your page. You have just 155 characters for this, so focus on what’s special about what you do.

The long description has almost endless space for characters and links, so you can go on and on and on, but people will only see it if they click on your “About” tab. Use keywords in both your short description and long description for Search Engine Optimization.


On Pinterest, you have 160 characters to tell other pinners who you are in the “About You” section of your profile. Don’t skip it!


What does your go-to social media bio say about you?

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