Turning Strangers into Real Estate Clients

Here are some valuable notes from a webinar about Inbound Marketing on Inman.

-What is inbound marketing? Instead of blasting people with interruptive, outbound methods, inbound marketing brings clients to you. Inbound marketing is marketing made smarter.


Inbound vs. Outbound
You should work towards marketing your business in different ways to diversify your lead sources, not only to rely on others, but ideally to produce all your own leads organically. Inbound is the way to do that now and in the future.

Today’s consumers are different

  • An increase in “noise” – emails, advertisements, etc…
  • Consumers choose brands that bring them value
  • More research is done before decisions are made
  • The average consumer does 79 days of research and 80% start their research process online
  • **There is one tool that works 24/7 days a week and – your internet presence and your website
  • Conversions are from the content you provide, not from the content on Zillow or the content on Trulia, they are made once consumers have found that moment of connection

How should you implement Inbound Marketing?

  • Inbound marketing doesn’t replace outbound marketing, but it should be your focus.
  • Add value to your business through
    • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    • Blogging
    • Website optimization
    • Lead capture
    • Landing pages
    • SEO
  • Email is a little bit broken as a communication device. Consumers will get frustrated if you are one of the people knocking on their inbox and forcing them to decide which emails are even worth opening and important/valuable.
  • The big idea built behind inbound marketing is that we must be empathetic with people we want to deal with. We know they are busy, their inbox is full and we know that they value time with their families. And so every time that we try to interrupt and wedge our way into one of those spots, it is a brand impression, but not necessarily the impression that we want to be leaving.
  • There are new rules of engagement. You should always be questioning how to engage and delight your consumers online. There was time before the introduction of social media when blogging was the big thing. We went from having just a static website, to adding a blog feature to help with SEO and focus on content. And then social media popped up, which introduced us to applications, Facebook, new trends, etc… However this caused a large gap between consumers and agents, agents thought well “If I can network on social media, and I can engage with friends and family who are going to give me referrals, then I don’t have to work as hard on my inbound marketing (blog and SEO) quite as much because the real estate portals will do that for me.


6 steps of inbound marketing:  1) Publish;  2) Promote;  3) Capture
4) Nurture;  5) Close;  6) Analyze

1. Publish

  • Publishing great content is the first step in the inbound process
  • Getting “found”
    • Talk about community
    • Get hyper-local
    • Video
  • Blogging
    • People are always looking for information
    • Information adds value to your site and your brand
    • Content does not always have to be about real estate – can have something to do with a community event
    • Don’t limit yourself to just real estate information – write about information that goes hand-in-hand with moving or selling or buying
  • The best tips
    • Turn FAQs into blog posts
      • Turn tips into a blog post
      • Use questions that clients ask you a lot
    • Engage with local businesses
      • Inspectors, appraisers, mortgage lenders
    • Keyword Research – what would people search for to find your post

2.  Promote

  • Social Media – cost effective way to market yourself
  • Be mindful of the way you promote your content
  • Equation – 411
    • 4 relevant posts that are someone else’s (promote someone else’s content)
    • 1 repost or share of industry content
    • 1 post of your own blog or listing
  • Content promotion tool
    • If you are going to produce great content you need to use other social media channels to promote it to drive traffic
    • Twitter is a lead discovery system
  • People want to do business with people and don’t necessarily want to do it with just the brand. So when you can integrate that personal brand you have, then you are able to grow it. It’s not so much about using your sales hat, more of using your education hat so you can provide value to the client.
  • Make social media work for you
    • Discover
      • Local businesses
      • Real estate thought leaders
      • Past clients
    • Engage
      • Connect with people in your area
      • Follow people back
      • Think what value can you offer to them
    • Be consistent

3.  Capture

  • Offer something of value
  • Send people to a landing page
  • Increase your contacts
  • What makes a landing page effective?
    • Attention-grabbing
    • Clear CTA button
    • Descriptive text

4.  Nurture

  • Capturing leads is great but it doesn’t stop there
  • Nurturing is how you get those leads to the finish line
  • Should be a mix of
    • Emails
    • Phone calls
    • Social media
    • Networking
    • Traditional media
  • What does good lead nurturing look like?
    • Fast
    • Targeted
    • Continuous

5.  Close

  • The power of social proof
    • Posts on Facebook or Instagram with the new homeowners holding the key
  • Turn closings into social events
  • Be innovative with testimonials
    • Try videos

6. Analyze

  • Social Media stats
  • Adjust and improve
  • “Marketing without analytics is like driving without a steering wheel.” – Brian Coe


To watch the webinar – Click here



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