Text Messaging Etiquette

Like addicts –we jump at the opportunity to receive and respond instantly to emails from clients or colleagues; affirming for all that we’re constantly connected. With the younger generation entering into the homeownership demographic, text messaging is yet another platform that has entered into the communication playing field. However, with the popularity of text messaging, this form of communication is quickly becoming another common interaction between Agents and their clients. Texting is quicker and easier than an email, and can be instantly received. A large portion of people are not consistently checking their email, which is why a text message is useful for you as an agent. Also your clients may even prefer communicating with you via text instead of the traditional email or dare we say…phone call. With that said, texting a client can be tricky. So here are a few text messaging etiquette tips for real estate agents.


Permission –
Even though, texting is become a common form of communication for business, don’t assume every client will prefer it over a phone call and/or emailing. You should ask your client(s) how they would prefer to communicate; phone, email and/or by text.

Grammatically Correct –
When texting with friends and family, misspelling a word or abbreviating can be completely normal and overlooked. However when texting clients, it is important to remain as professional as possible; spelling words correctly and no abbreviations. When you are texting with your client, keep in mind that your communication is about a business matter and should mimic the type of professional behavior you would express over the phone, in person or through an email.

Business Hours-
Even though, as a professional Realtor you are readily available 24/7, texting a client outside of business hours is not a good idea. You should treat texting the same as a phone call. Would you call your client at 5am or 10pm? If you answered no, then you wouldn’t text them at those times either. Only send text messages during “business hours”.

A text message should be used for quick responses and information that needs an immediate (and short) answer. Therefore try and keep the length of your text short and simple. Don’t send information that is better to discuss in-person, such as legal or personal information.

Text messaging between clients and their Realtor can help business flow smoothly and quickly. It can also benefit you, showing that you are ‘tech savvy’.

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