Top Videos on Homesale Realty’s Youtube Channel

For the 4th Quarter of 2014, we collected data on the performance of our Social Media efforts. All of our Social Media channels were analyzed: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our YouTube channels.

YouTube videos are a great way to drive traffic to your Social Media pages and which will lead them to your personal website. You can post the videos to your business Facebook page or embed videos on your website.

Listed below are the Top 4 Most Viewed Videos during our 4th Quarter of 2014, and instructions on how to share them on your Facebook business page.

Top Videos for 2014 Q4

1. Homesale Luxury Collection Video

2. We’re Everywhere You Are

lux We're everywhere you are

3. Homesale Commercial – Berkshire Hathaway 

4. Start Your Real Estate Career

Homesale Commercial - Berkshire Hathaway real estate career


 To share a video on your Business Facebook Page:

Click on any of the videos listed above. You will then be taken to the YouTube video in a separate window tab.

1. Copy the link URL by highlighting it and right clicking on your mouse and hitting ‘COPY’
pressing ‘Ctrl + C’ on your keyboard.copy


2. Make sure you are logged into your Business Facebook Page. 

3. Next paste the video URL into the dialog box.




4. Once you paste the URL into the dialog box, make sure the video image and information show appear (displayed in the picture to the right). After this shows up, don’t forget to erase the URL.




5. Once you erase the URL, write a comment. If you have a personal website, include a link back to it. For example, you could write: “If you are looking put your house on the market, check out what I can offer you as your listing agent –> “. Then hit Post.













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