Work Smarter in 2015

During the 2014 National Association of Realtors Expo in New Orleans, after much research, presented the top 15 apps that are sure to help agents and brokers optimize their productivity and marketing.

1. Pro HDR (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Listing photos are significant component of marketing your properties. Snap pictures like a professional with the Pro HDR app that can turn property photos into high resolution masterpieces (up to 12 megapixels).

2. Storehouse (iPhone/iPad) – This free, award-winning app allow you to combine photos, videos and text into a beautiful story that you can shared with your Storehouse community. A quick, easy and illustrious way to share a home’s story with potential buyers.

3. Phramed (iPhone/iPad) – A new photo collage app. Phramed allows users to arrange up to five photos, create a custom frame and share to your local networks. Another great app to showcase a property’s amenities.

4. GoPro App (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Get instant access to the GoPro channel and remote capabilities to all camera functions like previewing shots and sharing via social channels, text or email. For you DIY video aficionados, this is a perfect app for you.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat (iPhone/iPad | Android) – This app is great for tech-savvy homeowners who can control their thermostat and receive notifications about emergencies like smoke, fire or carbon-monoxide risks right from their mobile device.

6. IFTTT (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Rhymes with “gift”, this app which stands for ‘If This Then That,’ automates on one social channel (a trigger), IFTTT will make sure that the action takes place on another app.

7. Carrot (iPhone/iPad) – Your virtual assistant has arrived. Carrot is a “to-do list with personality.” This talking app rewards you for completing tasks and berates you for being a slacker. Real estate pros with resolutions to get things done next year will certainly appreciate this unique app.

8. Genius & Scan (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Need a portable scanner? Look no further than the Genius Scan app that can scan your documents and export them as JPEG or multi-page PDF files right from your mobile device. This is perfect for agents and brokers who need to send time sensitive contracts, sales agreements or even hand-written notes on the go.

9. Waze (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Save precious time with the Waze app that gives you real-time traffic updates and drivers in your area. Get reports from your community about road closures, accidents, police traps and more from your mobile device and desktop computer.

10. Mailtracker (iPhone/iPad) – This app is like a secret agent when it comes to monitoring your emails. This tracking application monitors your email analytics so you can see when someone has opened your message, how many times the email was viewed, how long they viewed it, the recipient’s location information, and the device it was viewed on.

11. Cloze (iPhone/iPad | Android) – Organize your social feeds and mail according to who matter most to you. This free app consolidates your relationships from social networks and email contacts, and tracks them by message, tweet, social post and job change so that you won’t miss an opportunity to connect with them and strengthen that relationship.

12. Dashlane (iPhone/iPad | Android) – This top-rated password manager is a must-have for improving productivity. More than just a place to store your passwords, Dashlane offers additional room to save multiple logins, credit cards and other payment methods, receipts, and notes. It even includes an auto-fill feature for online forms so you don’t have to type in your personal information repeatedly. It’s sleek design, cloud syncing capability and alerts for potential security breaches also set it apart from the other players.

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