What is Facebook “boosting”?

You have a business Facebook Page and you have been working on marketing yourself, generating likes, connecting with friends, and sharing content. But now what? How do you increase likes and expand reach beyond your existing sphere of influence?

Think back to how you expanded your network before social media; committee meetings, cocktail parties, volunteering…  It’s important to be visible and involved and social networks are just another way of doing the same thing in a more efficient manner. These sites let you know who your friends are connected to and create the opportunity to be able to connect with them.

A way to take your social media to the next level is to “Boost a post”.  Boosting allows you to advertise to a target market beyond your immediate friends and their friends. Boosting is a paid post that appears on the on News Feeds of those chosen in your target market.  Your post will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people.   Part of the appeal is that the cost is a onetime fee and you choose the budget. You also hold all the power in choosing the posts that you feel will be the most effective in reaching consumers and gaining likes.   Promote events and special listings to a large audience with little expense.  Choose your target group by using demographics (gender, age, interests).


Keep in mind that boosted posts must follow Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

How do I boost a post from my page?

1. You must have a BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE to boost a post.


2. Go to any post you’ve recently created or one you are creating.14


3. ***If you are on a team, have an assistant or have someone else who is responsible for managing your social media, they will need access to ‘manage’ the page. This can be done by making them administrators and will allow them to boost the post without logging in is as you.


4. Click Boost Post at the bottom of your post


5. The Boost Post Window will pop up.






6. Next choose “Desktop News Feed” or “Mobile News Feed”



7. Next choose your audience, there are two options













8. The next option is choosing your maximum budget based on how many people you want to reach.







9. Select the duration of your boost.   20


10. Lastly, click Set Budget, and wait to see your boosted post on your news feed.

  • When the post shows up on News Feeds it will be labeled Sponsored
  • A boosted post will not appear in the right column of Facebook (like paid ads)


11. How long will it take for my Page to be boosted?

  • The boosted Page post will be reviewed by Facebook and will generally start running soon after the creation
  • Similar to the posts you don’t boost, your posts will show in the News Feeds of some of the people who like your Page right away.


12. The results of how many people were reached through your boosted post can be seen at the bottom of the post and also under your Business Page Analytics/Insights.







13. To get to the analytics and insights, go to the top of your Facebook page. Click the (…) button and then click VIEW INSIGHTS.







This is what your insights page will look like. It includes posts that are boosted and not boosted. You can also download all of this information into an excel sheet, which could be extremely useful.


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