Social Media Etiquette: Facebook


Learning the best etiquette for the different social networking platforms can be difficult and almost as stressful as setting up each profile. Overtime, social networks have shifted almost as much as the way people and businesses are using them. With constant changes and daily growth, it can be tough staying on top of the best practices. What’s even harder to do is to fully understand all of the little nuances that act as unwritten etiquette rules that run these networks.

When it comes to Facebook, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

      • Do you want to increase traffic to your site, develop effective SEO, build brand exposure and/or develop customer engagement? Facebook is a great social media tool for the majority of these objectives and has the highest reach in comparison the other networking sites.
      • Are you looking to solely focus on your profession, have two separate pages, or a combination on one page. Using one Facebook page as both your professional and personal page is tricky but manageable (this is where privacy settings and creating groups are extremely important). Creating a separate Business page is less stressful and will allow you to focus all your efforts on building your audience/potential leads.


10 Behavior Do’s on Your Facebook Business Page

1.) Know your audience
: Social media pages should be tailored to your consumer base. Your business page should not be based on personal interests. Consumers care about what YOU can do for THEM, not what you do when you aren’t working. Therefore your posts should interesting and relatable. You should be posting content OTHER than every time you receive a listing or have an open house.


2.) Be active: Activity  Productivity.  It is important to consistently post content on your social media, but don’t post content just to post content. If you post too much, your audience may stop following you and your content can easily get lost within their newsfeed (which means they may not see posts that are relevant to them



3.) Know WHEN to post: Pay attention to analytics and insights on your page. You must have at reachleast 30 likes on your page for insights to generate. Typically there are three spikes during the day when your posts are more likely to be noticed; at the beginning of the work day (8-10am), lunchtime (12-2pm), and right before dinner (5-7pm). You should also pay attention to what DAYS during the week your audience is more active on your page. For example, are people “liking” and commenting on your post more on a Monday morning as opposed to your post on Friday afternoon? Understanding your audience’s behavior will increase the engagement and overall reach on your page.

Source: Passion Digital’s Infographic

4.) Maintain a consistent message:
There are multiple social media platforms, and each one is used to post/share in unique ways. Therefore, even though you may be posting content differently, it is important to sustain the same message throughout.


5.) Share:
It is great that you want to post original content, but if you want people to share your content, you are going to have to share as well.


6.) Encourage conversation: Interacting with consumers is a great way to increase your social network and gain leads. If you see something interesting on one of your audience’s page, leave a friendly comment. If one of your clients purchases a home, tag them in the post and say congratulations. Or in one of your posts, ask an open-ended question.


7.) Tag clients (with their permission): Tagging a client in a post is another great way to interact and increase your social network. The only way you can tag your client(s) is to have them like your page, so make sure you have them do that asap if they haven’t already done so. If friends of your clients see the post, the chances they will like your page and/or use your services increase exponentially.


8.) Use Images and multimedia: A picture is worth a thousand words, video is probably worth much more. Don’t limit yourself; use your platform to show your audience as well.


9.) Have a personality: Posting the same type of content every day is going to bore your audience and will not produce any leads or strong customer relationships. You should show excitement about your job as a Realtor and an interest in the housing market, as well as expressing an interest in your community.


10.) Keep-It-Short & Sweet (KISS): Even though Facebook does not have a character limit, Twitter does (140 character to be exact). You should apply a similar character limit to your Facebook posts. For example, people who see your paragraph long description of an open house you are having are going to see your long post and ignore it. If you want to post about an open house, write a brief description and then post a link to the full description of the house.

140Source: Passion Digital’s Infographic



****Stay tuned for more social media Do’s and Don’ts*****

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