Tips for Dealing with Non-Tech Savvy Clients


It is no surprise that online signature software and other digital documentation technologies are here to stay and will only become more prominent in the future with how businesses handle internal processes and interact with customers. However, what do you do when your clients are not technically savvy? There are individuals/clients who still don’t own computers, have email accounts or know how to use the Internet. Therefore electronic signatures/digital documentation platforms aren’t accessible for this type of user group, and as an agent you need to be flexible enough to support such clients. These potential buyers and sellers can negatively impact how effectively you communicate and how successful you are on their behalf.


Here are a few tips on dealing non-tech savvy clients:

1.) Determine your clients’ knowledge and comfort level so you know how much detail you need to provide.
Ask “finishing” questions such as:
– How do you use the internet?
– What websites do you use to search for a home?
– What technology do you use a daily on a daily basis?


2.) Keep your explanations simple.
You may be excited and comprehensive when you discuss what you can provide for your client. But, remember to keep your explanation simple and sweet so they are able to understand what you are offering.


3.) Use visuals and examples when possible.
Graphics can convey ideas more quickly and effectively than words for some people. Use your laptop/tablet/phone to show samples of videos, e-documents, and social media posts to convey the message.


4.) Talk in terms of results.
Since your client may not tech-savvy, you need to explain why and what you are doing, not how you are doing it. Clients want to know what you will deliver and when you’ll deliver it. Simply explain what the end result means for your client.


5.) Ask if they have questions often.
If you notice your clients’ expressions and body language looks uneasy, make sure you take the time to answer their questions with a simple explanation. By taking the time to educate your client(s), you gain more of their trust, and in turn, they can provide glowing reviews.


6.) Put things in writing so clients can read the information later at their own pace.
Some people may comprehend more if they can review information on paper at their own pace without feeling pressure to understand when you (the tech-savvy agent) are in the presence.


7.) If you are going to introduce a technology, app or process, demonstrate how it relates to the client and the benefit it brings.
Show your client(s) that using certain technologies can speed up productivity and effectiveness of the marketing you would like to offer for them. Processes can finish more quickly too; such as electronically signing documents.


8.) Compare notes.
Your client may not be as tech savvy as you, but they may have some experience. If your client has a computer/tablet/laptop and/or smart phone, bring yours out to compare each platform. For example, if they use Facebook, bring up your business page to show them how you post listings and other content. This can bridge the gap between their technical abilities and yours.


9.) Find the reason behind your client’s hesitancy towards technology.
It may be simple to sway your client’s opinion about technology if you are able to explain the benefits. By clarifying the problem, offering other possible alternatives, and relating to their resistance, you may be able to make a good impression.


10.) Accommodate for those who are unaccommodating.
If a client wants nothing to do with technology, you most likely won’t be able to convince them just for the sake of a single real estate transaction. Therefore, you are going to have to resort to printing documents and, running back and forth when documents need to be signed.

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