Unlimited email alias’s in your gmail right now! All you have to do is create them.

Organize your emails by using variations of your original email address. Gmail gives you unlimited email addresses. My email is tara.j.didomenico@gmail.com, so I can actually create numerous email addresses off of my main email address.

For example, I could make an email specifically for newsletters that I am interested in receiving.  All I need to do is add (+news) to the end of my email (tara.j.didomenico+news@gmail.com).

I am going to show you how you can add a plus(+) into your email address and then use any word or combination of words that you would like after the plus(+), and also how to create a rule for you to sort and organize your emails automatically.

***The (+) in the email is vital and must be present in your email when using this feature***


1.) When signing up for anything with your email address, say for example you would like to be updated when there is a new posting on Askhomesale.com



2.) Type in your email, for example mine is tara.j.didomenico@gmail.com. But for this, it will be tara.j.didomenico+news@gmail.com. Then check your email account for the confirmation email.



3.) Once you are logged into your email account, click on the email.



4.) Then go to the Gmail browsing bar. Click the little down arrow head to expose a drop down menu.



5.) In the TO: box, type in the email address you just used and then press ‘Create filter with this search’. This is where you will be able to create filters for your email address with different endings. (tara.j.didomenico@gmail and tara.j.didomenico+news@gmail.com)



6.) Then go to ‘Apply the label’, in the Choose label drop down menu, you have the option to create a new label or you can add this filter to a pre-existing folder. After you select one, hit Create Filter.



7.) From this point on, anytime you use your email address with (+news) on the end it will automatically go into your designated folder. You will be able to easily locate your newsletter folder, either by the left side menu or by typing in your given email address in the gmail tool bar.

8.)This tool is not limited to newsletters; it can be used for working on projects, specific listings, client groups, etc.


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