Facebook Privacy Settings

“What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook!” -Burke Smith

You just took a vacation to Miami and posted photos on your personal Facebook timeline, meanwhile your clients who can’t afford to take a vacation right now, are wondering why you didn’t host an open house for them this weekend. It is important to keep your personal life and real estate business separate on Facebook.

Set Up Friend Lists

Set up friend lists so you can keep your clients separate; create one for family and friends and one for clients. You could even break down your Clients into target lists: All Clients, Baby Boomers, First-time Buyers, by neighborhood, etc; this will help you target what your posting and limit what they’re seeing.

1. On your news feed, scroll down to the Friends tab along the left side bar. Hover over the word Friends and then click “More”


2. Click “Create List”. Add a list name. Click in the members box and start typing the name of a Facebook friend to add them to this list.  People can be put in multiple lists.


Now that you’ve created those lists, when you post something, you’re able to control who see’s your post by selecting the appropriate friend list.  Type your post, then click where it says Public (or Friends) to change the setting to a list you’ve created.  Once you create your facebook business page, this is a great way to post (targeting your clients) and encourage them to like your business page.


Adjust Privacy Settings

Have you ever been tagged in a photo that you don’t want on your timeline?  Adjust your privacy settings so that you have to approve photos you’re tagged in before they show up on your page.

1. Click the arrow in the top right corner and select settings.


2. Go to Timeline and Tagging Settings.


3. Click “Edit” next to Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline and switch to Enable.  This will allow you to approve posts and photos that you’re tagged in before they show up on your timeline.

Facebook is a great tool to use to stay in front of your customers and increase your sphere of influence, as long as it’s done correctly. Now, when you take your next vacation, you can share your photos and make sure only family and friends can see it rather then announcing it to all of your clients.