Effectively Manage Your Real Estate Contact Database

Successful real estate agents understand that when you have mastered the ability to develop and effectively manage your client database, then you will go very far in this business. Whether you are a veteran real estate professional or a new agent building your relationships and branding can be hard. Keep in mind, technology is your best friend. Technology helps you connect with more people and market yourself to a mass. At the end of the day, the real estate business is simply a numbersdatabase game. The more contacts that have, the bigger your real estate business will be. Learning how to effectively build and manage your real estate contact database, will give your real estate career the competitive edge it needs.

Try to have all of your contacts in one spot:

Try not to spread out all of your contacts across a bunch of different social networks. The goal here is to do as little of manual work as possible. Good contact files have job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and more.


If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, consider getting one. Once you connect with someone, that person will be able to see your email address and you will be able to see theirs. This is a great way to network and communicate with individuals from your past. Remember, referrals are the name of the game.

Categorize & Group your contacts:

Have categories for Friends, Family, Real Estate Agents, Buyer Prospect, Seller Prospect, etc. The seller and buyer prospect categories are for your new clients and referrals.

Develop your announcement content and send it out:

Do you have something important that you would like to communicate to your database? Do so with the use of PREA E-cards.


~Throughout your career in real estate, always have a plan to grow. Your real estate contact database will become a huge source of repeat and referral business over time. ~



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