Traits of a Great Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry has gone through its ups and downs over the past years. Since the crash and financial crisis, the housing market has been making a slow, but thriving recovery. A professional real estate agent does not become a success overnight; gaining clients’ trust is an important component of real estate success. Keep these traits in mind as we embark on this booming spring market. If you can deliver on these basic consumer expectations, you’ll build a referral business.

Goal-driven: The best agents make the process of transitioning out of a client’s home a smooth experience. Ultimately when you are dedicated to your career as a real estate professional, you will be motivated to provide your clients with a positive home-selling experience.Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

Resourceful: Being a resourceful real estate agent is important; sending them homes that meet their criteria, as soon as they come onto the market, shows your dedication and knowledge of the market. Using your local MLS or Saved Searches through the Customer Center will keep your buyers updated and save you time.

Friendly: You interact with a lot of different types of people so it is important to be personable. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Can you talk authoritatively without being intimidating?
2. Are you the kind of person who is likely to win the trust of potential clients?
3. Can you encourage sellers to price their home competitively and buyers to make reasonable offers?

Honest: Honesty is important in any profession, but it’s paramount in this industry. When someone buys or sells their home, they are most likely handling the most financial transaction of their life. One of the most important functions of an agent is to provide accurate information about the true fair market value of real estate. The most painful truths are about how a client’s home looks; you have to be willing to help identify and remove any distractions that are in the home to better assist with the sale. Lying to your client only makes things worse and your client will, in the end, appreciate your honesty and advice.

Enthusiastic: Make sure that you understand your client’s property and its major selling points. You must have the skills and commitment to market them with enthusiasm.

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