Tech Savvy Agent

Learn, grow, and engage with a forum regarding all things in real estate technology.

Get the cutting-edge reviews and updates on beneficial social media sites, real estate tools, and resources that will help you grow as real estate professional with the Tech Savvy Agent blog. Tech Savvy Agent, a leader in real estate reviews, videos, and tech advice/tips was awarded the “Most Innovative Blog” title by tech savvy agentInman. 

This blog is absolutely free and provides answers and suggestions to enhance your technical skills as an agent. Tech Savvy Agent is a community where agents just like you can come together and learn the ramifications of new media, marketing, and technology. You can easily stay connected with the blog when you sign up for Tech Savvy updates.

On the home page, click on this photo

tech savy update

You will be directed to this page (below) where you can sign up for updates

tech savvy

Do you have what it takes to be labeled a Tech Savvy Agent? The co-founders of Tech Savvy have assembled skills tests and questions that will be used to select the Tech Savvy Agents for their referral network. If you take on this challenge, your consumers will be made aware of the criterion that was used for selection and consequently feel at ease in giving you their business. Tech Savvy Agent blog will provide 3rd party credibility of your qualifications if consumers have questions. Social media provides opportunities to broadcast your message, so use this as your greatest advantage.

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