Conquer Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools around, returning about $40 on every $1 you spend. As Realtors, you can use email to reach your entire database instantly and by provide them with valuable real estate information. Sustaining a good relationship with consistent communication is a must in today’s marketing world.

Build Your Database:

Offer email signup sheets at open housesEmail Marketing 2To encourage more email subscribers, ask prospective buyers to provide their emails so you can send them new listings that match their search criteria.

Stay in contact with recent buyers to get referrals— “It’s all about making it personal, making it magic, and making the experience unforgettable so that two or ten years down the road they’ll remember to call you,” says real estate pro Cheryl Hanna with Keyes Co. in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and also a frequent blogger about customer service issues for Service Untitled.

Use LinkedIn— Once you connect with past clients on LinkedIn, you’re able to view their email address directly on their profile. Check out our LinkedIn for Realtors training video to learn more.

Promote email through your social media websites— Use social media contests and promotions, with relevant prizes, to collect email addresses. When you ask for a person’s email for the entry procedure, be sure to include a section that allows them to choose to opt-in or not to your email list.

Targeting With Email Newsletters and Reliable Content:

Send your clients valuable information about their local area or topics that interest them. Good topics that can be sent out:

-Changes in homeowners association regulations and fees
-Local area events, fundraisers, and news updates
-Local school district statistics and events
-Homeowner tips and advice
-Updates on the local real estate market

If you’re sending things like new listing alerts, open houses, tips for buyers, advice for sellers, make sure you segment your list of clients. By grouping them appropriately, you’ll be sending them information that is valuable to them so it’ll keep their interest.

Photos are good, but Videos are better:

It is important for you to promote yourself and your listings through video marketing. You can share the unique videos that have been created for each of their listings through email. They then can decide if they want to take the time to see the listing in person. We continue to provide with tools that will be beneficial to your marketing efforts. Overall, videos contain more stuff: movement, conversation, facial expressions, and emotions. Videos allow you to portray a truer reality.

Homesale Tools are Available:

Homesale’s innovative and aggressive advertising and marketing activities will help you attract qualified buyers to your client’s property.

  • Our customer center (inside has drip email campaigns for prospective buyers and rent-tenants.
  • Online Seller Advantage: As an additional feature when an open house is scheduled, an email notification is automatically sent to all customers who saved your home in their online portfolio. These are exclusive benefits that only we offer.
  • Prea Center Ecards: This tool allows you to import your database to PREA Center, split them into groups for target marketing, and send them ecards. There are a variety of templates to choose from.

The value of email marketing lies entirely in your list of customer emails. Keep in mind that 93 percent of consumers check their email and view at least one permission-based email daily.


Host a Successful Open House

Anyone can hold an open house, but holding a successful one that gets a lot of potential buyers to show up is a different story. If you want to get your seller’s home seen by potential buyers, here are a few things that you should consider to make sure that the open house is a success.

 Advertise: Send out announcements to your network of agents so that they can relay the information to clients who may have interest in the property. Go throughout the community and place signs and posters with information about the open house. Also update all of your social media outlets with the open house information so that even if a friend isn’t interested in buying a home they can pass it along to someone that house

Request for the seller’s to clean the home: This is a crucial part in the process. Request that they remove clutter & scrub every inch of the house, remove pets, and remove valuables/breakables. Any necessary repairs should be taken care of so that buyers don’t have to add that to their list of expenses.

Choose an evening open house time: Most open houses take place on weekends between the hours of 1pm and 4 pm, so why not try hosting your seller’s open house between 3pm and 5pm which will give prospective buyers the opportunity to take their time to inspect the property and your seller will have less competition.

Get your lead’s contact information at the door: Have you heard of Open Home Pro? With Open Home Pro you can run your open house on your iPad in addition to the following: Manage all walk-ins at weekly open houses or broker opens. As your open house is in progress Open Home Pro automatically thanks every visitor on your behalf with all the property details, a map of where they were and most importantly all of your contact information. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the App Store, you will not be disappointed.

Create a property description sheet: This sheet gives prospective buyers an overview of the home that should include dimensions for each room, copies of a property survey, and summaries of utility costs and property taxes.

Choose the refreshments: This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Bottles of water will work just well, it shows your appreciation for the prospective buyers for taking the time to come out and view the property.

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