PREA Center Podcasts


Have you been into the Media Center section of PREA lately? Are you aware of the wide range of real estate based podcasts available for you to share with your clients?

For those of you who are not familiar with podcasts, they are digital audio recordings that can be downloaded through the internet, which in this case is our very own Media Center of PREA. Our podcasts consist of topics for homeowners, buyers, and sellers and can be shared with your clients in a number of ways; embed, eCards, Facebook, Twitter, links, or you can download the entire podcast. (Just click the Share button  share-button )

Here’s an example of a podcast using a link


  • Go to and login with your PREA Username and password (contact the helpdesk with login issues)
  • Click the Media Center Link under the “Technology Links”
  • You will see “Podcasts” on the right side of the Media Center.
  • Scroll down the list until you see something that interests you and click open.
  • The Share button  will be on the top right of the viewing screen.

Give the podcasts a listen and share them with your clients today!

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