The World of Social Business

socialbusinessBy now you have probably heard how important social media can be to your business’ success. And hopefully you have even set up accounts and profiles on some of these sites. But even with that done you still may be asking yourself; where is all this new business? Why haven’t I seen big results? Social Media sites are great marketing tools, but it is easy to get drawn into the non-productive activities on them.

So what type of content does attract new business? It is more than just boasting about your skills and bragging about how great you are at selling homes. You need to attract clients with a compelling message. This will motivate them to take further action into working with you. It is the long-term value you can provide that will build the relationship and show you as a great person to do business with! You need to find that spot between your expertise and your potential client’s needs and wants.

People will watch you and interact with you for a while before they commit to a relationship with you. They will see right through you if you try to be something you are not. You are more likely to attract customers if you are being yourself and let your true personality come through. Be authentic and real.

As a real estate professional, what subjects can you provide credible information about that will keep them interested? The local community is a great place to start! The community can provide an endless supply of topics for your content. There will be interesting facts about the area’s history, great restaurants, unique local events to promote, and endless other details that will differentiate your market from surrounding areas.

What other topics should you consider including? Keep your ideal clients in mind. This is about them, not about you. What do they want to know and how can you differentiate yourself from the others? Provide them with helpful information and content that is valuable to them…..with no catch and no expectations. If you have mastered home staging, share your tips and tricks to making a home more charming. If you are an amazing investor, then tell folks what they should look for in a property to get the best return! This will show them that you are an expert without “pushing” your business onto them. They will feel more comfortable with you and will see you as an ideal fit for doing business together. Establishing credibility with individuals will make them your clients before you even talk in person!

Once you have decided on material to include, start off strong. Place the most important information first, to draw people in and keep them interested. Visuals are another great way to spice up your postings and entertain readers. Most people like to visualize concepts rather than read about them. A simple representation of any relevant facts or statistics will greatly improve the visual appeal of your content.

A common mistake made with social media is the belief that you are only interacting with people who are buying or selling their home right now. The reality is that you are trying to start two-way conversations with people, build their trust and belief in you, so that when they are ready, you will be there for them! They will reach out to you and they will remember you when someone else they know needs your assistance too!

When you make the effort to engage potential clients and offer valuable advice via social media, they are more likely to turn into your clients.

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